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Boycott against Isabelle? Davi Brito affair, Tamires Assis speaks of serious accusations: ‘I…’

Boycott against Isabelle? Davi Brito affair, Tamires Assis speaks of serious accusations: ‘I…’

Tamires Assis, the relationship of the former BBB Davi Brito, breaks the silence and opens up on serious accusations involving Isabelle Nogueira

Tamires Assis, ex-BBB deal David Brito, has broken her silence and spoken out after facing serious allegations. One Facebook user claimed that the dancer had offered him money to take Isabel Nogueira from Cunhã do Boi Garantido’s post to take his place.

After the backlash, the muse denied the rumors and regretted it. “In the face of so many serious lies, offenses, insults, defamations, crimes, where the aggressor is easily identifiable and wants to show that he is growing in number of followers. Using my name, inflaming fans and creating a rivalry that has never existed. I inform you that yes, the measures have been taken, the process that he claims not to be afraid of already exists!”start.

And he added: “The author will have to bear the consequences of the law! And since he wants visibility, a stage, I will not give it to him. Everything remains in the hands of my lawyers, I am very calm about the prejudices of those who do not know me, as everyone judges the other based on what is inside, but when this is qualified as a CRIME, then there is no way out! The Internet is not a land without law”, Tamires declared.

No rivalry!

The dancer stressed her admiration for the Cunhã, including former BBB Isabelle. “Here in Amazonas there are many Cunhãs! Beautiful and fierce women who deserve respect for their struggle, talent and dedication. I always appreciate the respect and admiration for all women and I am happy with the results of each one. Here are many women who in turn will be recognized and will represent our land, Brazil, abroad, no matter who it hurts! Just like our sister-in-law, who when I was at BBB I supported by voting a lot, wearing the jersey, praising her from start to finish, through videos and posts asking for everyone’s vote. Always reposting everything that spoke about our culture”, reported.

“As for envy, there is a feeling that I do not know in life. I am a woman very happy with what God has given me until today and I am grateful for everything. I have my history, I come from the interior of the state and I have always worked honestly to have a better life. I have lived in other states of Brazil and I am proud of my evolution as a human being, I have health, intelligence, a beautiful family, friends, faith, light, spirituality, I love to work, I realize my dreams and I am independent!“, Tamires said.

Source: Terra

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