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Leonardo DiCaprio Agrees to Take 90% Pay Cut, Earns Clint Eastwood’s Respect Forever

Leonardo DiCaprio Agrees to Take 90% Pay Cut, Earns Clint Eastwood’s Respect Forever

“I could have made a lot of money just making blockbuster movies full of special effects.”

Over the course of his decades as a director, Clint Eastwood has had the opportunity to work with some of the best actors of Hollywood and, like other great directors such as Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino OR Roberto Zemeckis. On the one hand, it is normal for Eastwood to surround himself with people he trusts in the various technical teams needed to make any production, but there are also some artists who have had the opportunity to work with him on several occasions.

Even though Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman, Gene Hackman, Tommy Lee Jones AND Kevin Costner have collaborated with Eastwood on several occasions, others actors like Tom Hanks have had the opportunity to do this only once in their livesbut it was enough to know his methods.

“He treats his actors like horses because when he did the ’60s series Rawhide, the director yelled ‘Action!’ yelled ‘Cut!’ and all the horses ran,” Hanks said of working with Sully.

Leonardo DiCaprio has only acted in one Eastwood production

Just like Hanks, another of Hollywood’s biggest stars who only had the opportunity to work with Clint Eastwood on one occasion it was Leonardo Dicapriowho starred in the 2011 biopic J. Edgar as J.Edgar Hooverthe first FBI director to hold office for nearly 50 years.

While J. Edgar isn’t DiCaprio’s best film as an actor or Eastwood’s best film as a…

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