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“Heart Beats Nearly 31 BPM and Two Doses of Atropine to Resuscitate”: Alice Wegmann Reveals Dramatic Heart Rate Drop on Scene

“Heart Beats Nearly 31 BPM and Two Doses of Atropine to Resuscitate”: Alice Wegmann Reveals Dramatic Heart Rate Drop on Scene

Alice Wegmann also talked about the behind the scenes of ‘Justiça 2’ and the preparations for the series ‘Senna’, in which she will play Ayrton Senna’s first wife.

The world of drama requires actors to challenge themselves with each new work. Alice Wegmann recently revealed that she has already experienced a dramatic drop in her heart rate on stage. The actress of “Justice 2” She also spoke of feeling satisfied with the work she has done to date.

“Most of the time, yes. I love doing what I do, I’m grateful and privileged to be able to make a living with art in a country that doesn’t value its culture that much, but has difficulties,” he began, citing the difficulties:

“I’ve seen five people from different areas cry on the same set because of a lack of organization, I’ve had my heart beating at 31 bpm and I’ve taken two doses of atropine (adrenaline) to revive it, I’ve already questioned the excessive working hours in the audiovisual sector, I’ve already been disappointed… nothing is constant. Nothing is constant, but as long as I can I will live this passion”, he said.

Alice Wegmann on ‘Senna’ Premiere and Behind the Scenes of ‘Justiça 2’

Always speaking with her fans, Alice Wegmann also commented on the series, in which she will play the character Lilian, Ayrton Senna’s first wife.

“Netflix said it will premiere this year, since it’s already July, yes, it’s close. It will be a series of 6 episodes so that the whole world can see a little bit of what I saw, I already feel the power, the greatest work I’ve ever been a part of in my life”, he said.

As for the behind the scenes of “Justiça”, he told what was the most difficult scene to record in the plot. “I think the car scene in episode 2, because at that moment…

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