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Gala Montes explodes against her mother: she answers her accusations and accuses her of exploitation

Gala Montes explodes against her mother: she answers her accusations and accuses her of exploitation

Gala Montes responded to the accusations of her mother, Mrs. Crista Montes de Oca, who revealed that they have been estranged for nine months when he fired her as a manager.

In an interview with TVNotas magazine, the actress’ mother explains that she now runs the cafe that she started with her savings and the help of her brothers. In addition, she believes that her daughter “resents” her for the “influence” of the psychologists she consults.

“They are in therapy and the ideology they bring is that many mothers hate their children. They tell children not to allow themselves to be manipulated by parents. I couldn’t make savings. I’m starting from the beginning. That’s why I just started this coffee shop“, Montes de Oca said in the interview.

Gala montes explodes and gives her version

The star of ‘Vivir de Amor’ did a live show where she visibly affected spoke about her mother’s accusations and explained the situation in detail.

“I decided to be independent, but I never left my mother alone, never I will look into it legally, because I got tired of people seeing my face. It’s my mom’s fault that I am depression, that I have anxietymany things”.

Gala defended her right to choose who represents her and claimed that she tried to make a financial deal with her mother and was not accepted because she wanted half of everything.

“Since I was 18 I should have made the decision to say what’s going on, where are my burdens, where is everything I’ve worked for, because I’ve been working since I was 6 years old (…) The problem started because he told me He told me “I want half of everything” and I told him, but “of course not”.

Gala Montes has depression issues

The actress explained that her relationship with her mother has negatively affected her mental health.

I’m tired of being manipulated and that he threatens me and blackmails me (..) I am up to here (fed up) because I’m depressed, because I want to kill myselfbecause I live the life of a 50 year old man and I’m 23 and I want to live my life and I want to live away from youso my mom didn’t accept that.”

“I’m the one who has eating disorders because I live in an environment that requires you to be thin, so apart from all the problems you have, well you must be thin“.

Montes also explained that she takes medication to deal with the condition.

“I take pills for anxiety, they help me stay calm and these for depression so I don’t kill myself because we want to keep living (…) I live in an abusive relationship, my mother is a narcissistic woman, a woman who she applied the silent treatment to us, a woman who also hit us.”

Gala Montes’ sexual orientation caused problems

The actress emphasized on “live” that her sexual orientation was also a problem in her relationship with her mother.

I’m bisexual, my mom is homophobicthen it’s another thing that’s hard for him to understand that’s why I left my home why I wanted to experience my sexuality the way I wanted And mom, you have two very smart daughters, both very bisexual by the way, and we’re going to get on with our lives,” he said.

Finally, he sent a message to Mrs. Crista Montes de Oca.

“If my mom sees this video, I want to tell her forget me (…) I am not going to allow anyone to take it (his assets) from me, nor defame me, nor use me, and no, I do not forgive you nor will I forgive you. “I forgive myself for being so mean … for being around a narcissistic person like you who only does is hurt people,” she said.

Source: univision

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