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They accuse Livia Brito of the crime of falsifying a statement: they call her to prison

They accuse Livia Brito of the crime of falsifying a statement: they call her to prison

Livia Brito will continue in legal trouble. This Tuesday, July 9, The office of the Attorney General of Mexico City requested the presence of the actress in the prison of the South next July 18 at 10:50 in the morning.

Journalist Carlos Jiménez presented on X’s account a document issued by the Judiciary of Mexico City, which states that The Cuban interpreter must appear to testify before the authorities for the alleged crime of falsifying a statement in an insult to the paparazzi Ernesto Zepeda.

This new hearing was requested by a criminal judge, who also requested the presence of Mariano Martínez, Livia Brito’s ex-boyfriend, as the two were involved in the brawl against the paparazzi while on a beach in Cancun in 2020.

The controversy with the paparazzi: what is known

In July 2020, Livia Brito and Mariano Martínez They were involved in an argument when They beat paparazzi Ernesto Zepeda for their photo shoot while enjoying a beach in the Mexican Caribbean.

After two years of legal disputes, in 2022, TVyNovelas announced that The judge ruled in favor of the Cuban actress because he considered it “an attack on people’s privacy and intimacy”.

The judge also ruled that by not authorizing the exposure of his face, the photographer violated his right to dignityfor which it has issued a “non-binding order”, which will seek to protect the integrity and privacy of individuals, the magazine explained.

Although the paparazzi lost their robbery case two years ago, Last March, journalist Carlo Uriel reported that the photographer won the trial regarding the offense of assault. Livia Brito should pay him financial compensation.

“I am informed that Livia Brito and her ex Mario Martínez have lost the lawsuit filed by the photographer Ernesto Zepeda, so they will have to pay him a financial compensation of more than 1.2 million pesos“, he wrote on his social network.

Afterwards, paparazzi Ernesto Zepeda reported that the 37-year-old interpreter intended to file a hold.

“There is already a resolution, The judge has already ruled that they have to pay the moral damage caused to me by Mrs. Livia and her friend, so the sentence is already in place, just to wait because they will try to submit protection and take more time,” the paparazzi told “Venga la Alegría” on March 26.

Source: univision

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