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Betrayed by Yuri Lima, Iza gets support from Anitta, Marina Ruy Barbosa and other celebrities after the player’s infidelity: ‘What a disappointment’

Betrayed by Yuri Lima, Iza gets support from Anitta, Marina Ruy Barbosa and other celebrities after the player’s infidelity: ‘What a disappointment’

Iza announced that she will separate from Yuri Lima this Wednesday (10). In a video posted on Instagram, the singer revealed that she was betrayed by the Mirassol player and that she learned of the breakup through the video. Anitta, Marina Ruy Barbosa and other celebrities left messages in support of the artist.

Iza AND Yuri Lima they are no longer together. On your Instagram profile, Nala’s mother revealed who was betrayed by the Mirasso playerShe then opted for separation. “He cheated and had conversations with the woman he had a relationship with before me and who you will meet, because she really wants to get to know me. She had conversations at a high level and, for me, that is already a huge betrayal of trust,” she revealed.

Iza said she made the decision after the arrival of compromising prints and the singer believes that Internet users will soon be able to access it. “The goal is to appear, to become famous, to show what happened, to capture a situation. And that’s it, guys. It’s the craziest video I’ve ever made in my life,” the singer added, apologizing to Yuri’s family for the sudden announcement. : “I didn’t mean for it to be like this.”

Celebrities send message of support to Iza

The video quickly went viral and Iza received a lot of support from fans and famous friends. “All my support for you, Iza. Strength for you and for the baby you have in your belly right now,” Valesca Popozuda said. “You are light and you deserve only love, I love you and I am with you,” she said Clara Moneke. “I am so sorry you are going through this, little black girl. What a disappointment. What a stab in the back. May Nala bring you all the joy and healing that this betrayal has tried to steal from you,” she said. Fred Nicacio.

“It is very important to expose the situation to help other women understand that the problem is not theirs, but…

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