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Juan Gabriel’s newborn grandson died: “I cry for this pain”

Juan Gabriel’s newborn grandson died: “I cry for this pain”

Iván Aguilera, son of the late singer Juan Gabriel, and his wife Simona Hackman are facing a difficult time due to the death of their newborn baby.

It was the companion of the ‘Divo de Juárez’ heir who announced the news with a heartfelt message on his Instagram account on July 10.

“How can a mother and a father begin to express the pain we feel in every cell of our bodies when the hopes and dreams you had for your newborn child are gone in an instant?”

“Our son, Elijah Jedidiah Aguilera, was born and passed into eternity on July 8, 2024,” she revealed, without elaborating on what happened to him.

Iván Aguilera and his wife in “mourning” over the loss of their baby

Continuing her letter, Simona Hackman shared her feelings about her son’s death with Iván Aguilera.

“My heart physically hurts so deeply that I have no words, but I have so many tears full of love. “So many tears,” she said.

Despite the suffering, she made her faith clear on this powerful occasion: “Ivan and I mourn our son Elias…”.

“But we also rejoice over him, because we know exactly where he is, with our Lord and Savior, our Heavenly Father.”

“I am happy for Elias, but I cry for this deep earthly pain. Every cell in my body wants, and aches, to hold him and have him home with us,” she admitted.

“My body aches without him. My hands are empty. My heart hurts. My body has all the marks of my son, but I don’t feel him anymore. “Who shall I hug and comfort now and drift off to sleep?”

Simona assured that she will “never question” the “ways” of God, in whom she trusts, and emphasized the love she experiences for him.

Iván Aguilera’s wife makes a request

In the midst of her anguish, Simona Hackman made an emotional plea to both the Lord, first and foremost, and her followers.

“Give me your strength now for I am so weak that I cannot endure. Help us and strengthen us. We need God’s power more than ever,” he declared.

“Please pray for my heart, my husband and our children: Ivan and Florentina,” she pleaded with those who read it on the digital platform.

She indicated that she would later announce the details of the baby’s funeral, to whom she dedicated: “Mummy loves you, my sweet Elias. Sleep with the heavenly angels, my sweet child.’

Simona announced her pregnancy at the end of March by posting a photo of herself with Iván and Florentina and holding baby clothes.

Source: univision

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