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Davi Brito Shocks the Web by Revealing Who He’s in Contact With Outside of ‘BBB 24’: ‘Only…’

Davi Brito Shocks the Web by Revealing Who He’s in Contact With Outside of ‘BBB 24’: ‘Only…’

Former BBB Davi Brito opens up and reveals who he’s in touch with outside of reality show Globo

The influencer David Brito She broke her silence and opened up about her BBB 24 friendships. She candidly revealed who she’s still in touch with after the reality show.

The champion of the season said he is closest only to two sisters: Isabella and Alana. “Currently the only ex-BBBs I have more contact with after Big Brother, who calls me and says: ‘How are you? Let’s make an appointment so we can see each other…’, are only Alane and Isabelle”he has declared.

“It’s not just being in person, you know, I think to build a friendship with someone you have to call, find out how the person is. The people who do that to me are Alane and Isabelle,” David concluded.


The new millionaire recently spoke about the importance of undergoing therapy. “I think every human being should go to therapy. Every human being has problems, every human being has a stressful life, has a work routine. It’s great to go to therapy, therapy helps maintain our mental health. We need, of course we need therapy”reported.

And he continued: “If you can do it every day, do it! Exercise, read a book, do something different in your day to keep your mental health up to date. Don’t just worry about paying the bill, working, cleaning the house, it’s not fun. Go to the psychologist to talk, talk to different people. I continue to do it after Big Brother, not only to deal with this whole situation, but to keep my mental health in balance”, David reflected.

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