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‘The Luckiest Man in the World’: 14 Days Before His Betrayal Came to Light, Yuri Lima Filmed Iza Welcoming Him Home. Watch!

‘The Luckiest Man in the World’: 14 Days Before His Betrayal Came to Light, Yuri Lima Filmed Iza Welcoming Him Home. Watch!

Yuri Lima, now single after the betrayal exposed by the singer Iza, has saved a video showing a romantic moment with the artist who welcomes him home, Watch!

Yuri Lima ex-boyfriend of Iza It was exposed on Wednesday evening (10), by the singer herself, who revealed in a long and emotional video that he had been betrayed by the footballer while you are still pregnant. Now, after a statement from the athletea new video has resurfaced.

A video in which Yuri Lima shows some details of his relationship with Iza is going viral on social media. Originally published a few weeks ago, exactly 14 days before the betrayal came to lightthe Mirassol player, who took drastic action on his social media after being exposedhe filmed his ex-wife welcoming him home.

I’m at the door and I’ll prove why I’m the luckiest guy in the world“, says Yuri Lima. In the content, he honks the horn in front of the house where they lived and Iza immediately comes out of the door with a beautiful smile and doing a little dance caressing her belly.

Then she asks, all cute, if she had taken any food and the video ends. In a post saved by the newspaper Metrópoles on TikTok, many people were outraged and criticized Yuri Lima for betraying Iza: “Iza is too much sand for the truck of this second division,” one exploded. “She’s a nerve,” said another Internet user. “How can she have such a bad temper, she didn’t deserve it,” complained a third.

Watch the video:

@metropolesoficial Recently, Iza’s ex-boyfriend said that he is lucky to be in a relationship with the singer. In the video published 15 days ago in the Stories, the #player he showed how he was…

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