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Former BBB Diego and Fran Grossi divorce after nearly 10 years

The former couple met at the 14th edition of the reality show and have been together ever since.

Diego and Fraciele Grossi announced their divorce on Wednesday 20. The two met at “Big Brother Brazil 14” and have been together ever since. According to influencers, the relationship had been going badly for some time and ended amicably, by mutual agreement.

“Fran and I are separating, but everything will be fine. I trust in God and you too. Enrico [filho do casal] there is, the result of a relationship that has had its good times, but, like everything, it ends “, said Diego, in his profile on Instagram.

The influencer also said that the priority, at the moment, is the well-being of the couple’s child, nothing more. You have classified separation as a difficult phase to deal with.

Fran, in turn, also spoke about the affair and revealed that the two have maintained the relationship for a long time due to Enrico, who is only 1 year old.

“It was an accumulation of things that we had already misunderstood. We tried only and exclusively for Enrico,” said the influencer.

Treasures of the ‘BBB’

Beyond the ‘BBB14‘, Fran and Diego Grossi he also participated in “Power Couple Brasil 3”. Diego was also part of Record TV’s “A Fazenda 11”, reaching the position of finalist on the rural reality show.

Audience dear in the ‘BBB‘, the couple was expelled from’Power couple‘, due to an assault threat made during a fight following a dynamic where men were given a ride outside the Power Mansion. In May 2022, Fran spoke out on the matter and said she considered the broadcaster’s decision unfair.

“Actually I wasn’t there either, the fight happened outside, and I was eliminated because I’m married to Diego. Nowadays we don’t fight with anyone. At the time I was immature, I was very afraid to talk. today, it would be very different. It was just a fight, the men were all drunk and there was no fight, in fact, “he told Portal iG.

Already in September 2021, rumors circulated on social media that the couple was in crisis. According to Fábia Oliveira, the atmosphere between the couple was very tense and, at the time, Diego Grossi he was already away from home and was sleeping in a friend’s apartment. This was not confirmed by the couple.

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