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Bruno Krupp tried his return on the catwalk: “The Paris agency really wanted it”

The model was arrested for running over and killing a teenager

Bruno Fernandes Moreira Krupp25 years old, he was preventively arrested on the morning of this Wednesday 03. The model hit and killed a 16-year-old student last weekend in Rio de Janeiro.

in conversation with the Landa source close to Bruno Krupp, who preferred not to be identified, said that, like the notice, he was unable to contact the boy for a few days. However, it is known that he was trying to make a comeback on the runways, including that he was going to do a book recently.

“A Parisian agency was very interested in this, now it’s over,” said the colleague.

In addition to being an influencer, Bruno Krupp he worked as a PR for a restaurant.

Those who know him call him very friendly and successful among women. Despite the party’s image, the colleague doesn’t see much of a professional future in fashion for Krupp.

“After that it will be difficult for him to work as a model.”

In addition to the fatal accident, in which Bruno was on a motorcycle without a license plate and driving without a license, the police reports template it also passes through rape And misappropriation.

Bruno Krupp’s past

Bruno Krupp

The rape charge was registered at the Jacarepagu√° (Deam) women’s service station. Eventually, the woman claimed that she went to Bruno Krupp’s apartment and was raped there. In cars accessible from Globe News, claims to have asked the model to stop the sexual act, but she was not allowed. The model denies the case.

Additionally, in 2021, a Rio hotel manager said that several customer cards were declined at the front desk. When he talked to them, he found out Bruno Krupp had offered them daily rates at lower prices than the hotel website, but for this they would have to deposit the amount into an individual’s account.

The fraud, according to the manager, was estimated at R $ 428,000. Bruno Krupp he would leave the hotel before the property could contest the papers. The accusation of embezzlement was registered in the 15th DP.

Source: Terra

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