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Margot Robbie: the photos of when she was a brunette ‘barbie’ in Australia

In her next film she is going to give life to the most popular blonde doll in the world, but from a very young age she has known how to play makeover in the Barbie World of cinema and television.

    Do you remember when we talked about the nerdy past of margot robbie As a fan (but fan, ultra fan) of Harry Potter? In that curious image that went viral after an interview with journalist Graham Norton on the BBC, we discover a teenage Margot with glasses and a mischievous smile reading one of JK Rowling’s novels in bed.

    One moment. What else stands out to you about that great photo of fifteen-year-old Margot Robbie?

    I have stayed with the sheets from the beach house and with that moment of going to bed with a turtleneck sweater, but surely many of you have noticed the hair. Indeed, the iconic blonde hair of one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood, the one who will shine again in the movie about Barbie that is filming with Ryan Gosling (the roller skates, Juan, the roller skates), was not present in her younger years .

    Nor when, back in 2009, just coming of age, this Australian from a town called Dalby, the daughter of a farmer who abandoned the family, moved to Melbourne to leave the jobs as a housekeeper and as a Subway cashier that offered her her region to try her luck as an actress. With no experience or manager, but with all her natural talent and charisma in a boiling state, she landed a featured role in a movie called ICU. And it looked like this:

    margot robbie in her first movie

    margot robbie in her first movie

    margot robbie in her first movie

    margot robbie in her first movie

    We have been a bit of cheats because ICU It wasn’t his first movie, but a call Vigilant. But his role was small and also for that one he did have blonde highlights, and it is not a plan that a quick visit to the hairdresser’s headline annoys us. In addition, the first image that the Australian public had of the actress was as a brunette in the series neighbours, an institution of aussie television. like our Tell me, but even longer, which has just been fired after 37 years on the air and more than 9,000 episodes.

    margot robbie young and brunette in the neighbors series

    We have again cheated slightly, because Margot came to that series to record a single episode but changed her hair look several times because in the end she stayed four years as one of the protagonists. More than Elsa Pataky in Afterclass. Wait, let’s spin fine: neighbors It is the same series that made Chris Hemsworth known… and also his brother Liam, Russel Crowe, Kylie Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia…

    margot robbie, in the neighbors series

    Script twist of the article sponsored by Farmatint.

    If you are a bit perceptive, you will have noticed that in the second photo of neighbors he is younger than in the first. Yes, we have sneaked it in for you again, but admit that you have not come to this article to document yourself for your thesis on the rise of soap operas in two-mile Australia, so let us play with the times: just before signing up for this series , Margot appeared blonde blonde in an episode of a series entitled City Homicide.

    margot robbie in the movie city homicide

    And it was with that look that he established himself as a rising star in Australia, where he began to step on his first red carpets thanks to the popularity of his character in neighbors.

    margot robbie young in australia

    margot robbie young in australia

    margot robbie young in australia

    That is indeed the hair tone with which he flew to the United States. Destiny: Pan Am (2011), a series starring Christina Ricci about the iconic airline’s vintage stewardesses. It wasn’t a huge success, but it did help Margot spread her wings and the industry began to see her as a potential star.

    margot robbie in pan am

    Something that was confirmed a year later with The wolf of Wall Street. The rest is current movie history.

    the wolf of Wall Street

    Mrs. Robbie, at your feet.

    Source: Fotogramas

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