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What is the luck of Dr. Rey, 4th time candidate and with the ambition to be president


The surgeon is willing to trade a life of luxury in Los Angeles for the unattractive routine of an SP deputy

The slogan “I’ll be back” launched by Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Terminator” (1984) could be used by Roberto Miguel Rey Jr., the Dr. re60 years.

It always reappears in an election year. He wants to pursue a political career, just like the Hollywood star, twice governor of California, the state where the doctor lives.

The plastic surgeon who rose to fame on the plastic reality show ‘Dr. Hollywood ‘, intends to run for a seat in the Legislative Assembly of Sao Paulo.

Affiliated to Podemos, he is alternate councilor in Vargem Grande Paulista, a municipality 40 km from the capital. Raised as a Mormon, he always mentions God in his political statements.

According to ‘O Antagonista’, the surgeon has declared assets of R $ 12.4 million to the electoral justice. Same figure as the record in previous elections, when he ran for office.

The North American portal “Celebrity Net Worth” has its own lucky ranking of celebrities. In it, Dr. Rey appears with $ 20 million, R $ 102 million at the current price.

In interviews, the doctor claims he has a mission to change Brazilian politics. He does not hide his dream of being President of the Republic. On at least two occasions he has offered himself to Jair Bolsonaro as Minister of Health.

Source: Terra



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