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Gloria Perez on the conversion of Guilherme de Padova: “There is no healed psychopath”

Writer Gloria Perez gave an interview to Marie Claire magazine about the HBO Max series “Brutal Pact,” which saved the story of the murder of her daughter, Daniella Perez. Thanks to the series, the case of great repercussion in the 1990s made headlines and brought to light the fate of the murderer Guilherme de Pádua, who became a pastor, and his ex-wife Paula Tomaz, who graduated in law.

When asked if she believed in conversion, Gloria was categorical in the negative.

“Sure, people can be healed. But that doesn’t include psychopaths. There is no news of a psychopath being cured. And Paula and Guilherme are psychopaths with a card,” he said.

Gloria also explained why she didn’t want the two to talk about the crime they committed on the HBO Max series.

“What they said to defend themselves, before and during the trial, is in the show. Listen to them now for what? To ask how they are? It makes no sense to stage the psycho,” he added.

For the barbaric and premeditated murder, Guilherme was sentenced to 19 years while Paula, who was pregnant, was sentenced to 18 years and 6 months. They only served six years and have been on the loose ever since.

Guilherme became parish priest in Igreja Batista Lagoinha, in Belo Horizonte, where Jair and Michelle Bolsonaro were present last weekend. A convinced Bolsonarian, the killer later preferred not to attend a lunch with the first lady, but his current wife took the opportunity to take a selfie with Michelle.

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