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Anitta speaks after controversy with magazine: “Frustrante”; understand!

The singer said her words were taken out of context.

This Monday, the 4th, anita ended up getting involved in a controversy after appearing on the cover of a special magazine in which his lines were taken out of context. Not happy, the carioca spoke up and revealed great frustration.

At first, the singer is on the cover of Nylon magazine that will be distributed at the Coachella festival in which Anitta will be presenting. What happened is that the excerpt of the interview that appears on the cover is: “In Brazil, everyone wants to have fun and have sex and I want to bring that energy here”.

This speech soon had negative repercussions in Brazil. Many accused the singer reinforcing a stereotype about Brazilian women. However, after the controversy began, Anitta spoke out explaining what really happened.

The singer responded to an Instagram account: “amore… I’m going to put you to do this TWO HOUR interview with a person talking about all possible and impossible subjects and if people can’t catch ONE sentence of yours that off topic can seem terrible and throw it on the cover like this, I’ll hire you to give an interview in my place”.

In other words, the interview was taken out of context, since the singer confirms that she talked about several subjects, but they chose a more “controversial” phrase to put on the cover. Then, she vented other posts that talked about the interview:

In fact, netizens recalled that this magazine had already been involved in a controversy with Billie Eilish. The magazine put the young woman on the cover of an issue, without the permission of the artist who complained.

Source: Atrevida