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Katy Perry suggests a new release and a world tour soon

The singer also talked about her personal life in an interview with actress Drew Barrymore and said she likes to invest in her “business side”.

Singer Katy Perry left fans elated by indicating that he plans to release a new album and start a new tour soon.

In an interview with the program The Drew Barrymore showpresented by the actress Drew BarrymoreKaty revealed that she will likely write new songs and perform all over the world.

He stressed, however, that being on stage requires a lot of energy and that he prefers to invest in his “commercial side”.

“I don’t talk much off stage, I’m more of an observer. I really save my energy for when I have to use it,” he said.

The singer also talked about relationships and personal life. When asked about the birth of his daughter, Daisy dove flowerKaty said she often feels like she isn’t enough, both at work and in her love and family life.

“I’ve always had this thing of ‘Am I enough? Or am I just lucky?’ Sometimes I work hard just to prove I’m enough, “she said.

She also said she experienced several challenges involving romantic relationships. “Sometimes because I’m not attracted to the right people. I wanted to relate to someone who was kind, consistent, and made an effort to be with me,” she revealed to Drew Barrymore.

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