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‘Pantanal’: Giovanna Gold comments on the meeting with Paula Barbosa: ‘I just said goodbye’

The actress, who played Zefa in the first version of the feuilleton, commented in an interview that she was ignored by Benedito’s granddaughter, Ruy Barbosa.

And it’s not just flowers in the cast of humid area with the actors of the original 1990 version. The controversy of the time entails Giovanna Orowho played the character Zefa in the plot of Benedetto Rui Barbosa. The actress commented in an interview with the newspaper The globe, about the meeting with which you had Paola Barbosa, who plays the same role as the veteran in the current version of feuilleton. “She is the author’s cousin (Bruno Luperi) and Benedito’s nephew (Ruy Barbosa). Don’t you think Madame Gold will say “hi, how are you?” I was the wife of a consul. I will not step on anyone and I will not be chucra. I just said hello. I was more concerned about talking to loved ones that I hadn’t seen in a long time, “she said.

Giovanna then recounted in detail the discomfort she experienced with Paula. “I created a text memorizing app and sent her a subscription in December. I wished him success. Instagram shows that the message has been viewed but has not responded. I have this print. Ok, there is no need to use my app. Life goes on. I did a live with a journalist who talked about it and I didn’t think it would turn into a misunderstanding. He asked me if I had any contact with her. I replied that this was the only contact, but that she didn’t say ‘thank you’. “

The actress goes on to say that after the backlash she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. “I will not continue to feed him. I know he is on my side. He has become bad with me and with her. People continue to fuel the fights between Zefa. Inelegant. I don’t need it, no,” Giovanna commented.

Paula Barbosa defends herself

Paula Barbosa, seeing the repercussions of Gold’s speeches, commented on the topic in the podcast soap opera, from Gshow, which aired Thursday 22. “That day of the recording, I didn’t have the opportunity to talk to her about it and honestly, I don’t even want to. Because when we say something about someone it’s very delicate. Many people didn’t know mine. work and saying something like that, nowadays, can erase a person, “Paula said.

The actress also stated that although she did not want to comment on the topic, she felt the need to talk about Giovanna’s statements. “She, the first Zefa of the Pantanal, said she wrote me a message and I didn’t even thank her and I ignored her. That’s not true. I prefer to believe that someone has misinterpreted something she said. What was she going to do Zefa, commented on a photo of me and I responded to his comment, saying how happy and honored I was to take the baton. “

In the sequence, the actress said that Giovanna’s statements were in her opinion “very serious”. “I think she could have found me and talked to me. So, that day, we said goodbye, but I didn’t even talk to her much either. I didn’t feel comfortable chatting, but I wish it had been a different time to live together. And I confess that I’m still questioning myself. “

Paula concludes by saying that if one day they have the opportunity to talk about what happened with Giovanna, she will.

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