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Elizabeth Savalla remembers clumsy villain in ‘Chocolate with Pepper’: ‘Delicious Soap Opera’

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The actress comments on the work as Jezebel in Walcyr Carrasco’s work, which will be re-exhibited this Monday

A clumsy villain, who always makes a mistake with the evil he commits and that the public loved to hate. Jezebel, from novel Pepper chocolatewhich will be displayed again by TV Globe from this Monday, the 26th, he is undoubtedly one of the most important characters in the long and successful career of Elisabetta Savalla. She the actress she claims to have devoted a lot to the composition of the character before the recordings.

“She’s a villain just like the cartoon ones, you know that bad girl who always gets bad? She does something evil and the moment she gets caught, or something falls on her head, she takes a lot of chocolate baths, wow , what did I do for the pie in the face (laughs) … The composition was far above the Belle Époque, of the 1920s, and the extremely caricatured evil that the character had. It was a very interesting composition work, “recalled the veteran.

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in the plot of Walcyr CarrascoJezebel dies of anger for Ana Francisca (Mariana Ximenes), losing the inheritance of his brother Ludovico (Ary Fontura) for her, but try to hide it. Your goal is to land a shot to steal the heroine’s luck. “My character had hilarious scenes with Fúlvio Stefanini, who played Vivaldo, the mayor of the city, and with Mariana Ximenes, who had already played my daughter in the patroness, we had a very strong connection. The cast was wonderful, Jorginho (Jorge Fernando) was a brilliant director. It was a delightful soap opera to make, “praised the actress.

How did you feel when you found out Pepper chocolate the telenovela was chosen to replace O Cravo and to Rosa, which is enjoying great success in the new TV Globo telenovelas schedule?

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I was very happy when I found out Pepper chocolate would be repeated in place of The carnation and the rose. They are two great hits by Walcyr Carrasco, who knows how to handle writing very well, he’s fantastic. Pepper chocolate it was my second soap opera with Walcyr; before me the patroness. I have good memories. It was a wonderful soap opera, with that divine chocolate factory. I remember one of my children’s girlfriend saying that every time she looked at him she had to make herself a pot of brigadeiro to accompany him, and the problem is that she looked at him every day (she laughs).

The soap opera had a light over the products of that factory, it was the strawberry that fell, it was the chocolate that fell; it was very yummy. For those who really like chocolate, it was very difficult to watch (laughs). And the chilli from Chocolate with Pepper was for Jezebel, one of those hot, but wonderful chillies. An extraordinary character that I had the passion to do.

Is he one of the most memorable characters of your career? Is the public still talking about it with you today? How are these approaches?

I can’t say that he was the most outstanding character of my career, because I had many exceptional characters: Carina, by Pai Hérói, of whom many people still talk about today; in Malvina, by Gabriela, of which many people still pass and talk. Somehow, people talk about the character gallery; after all, 47 years of TV Globo and many characters have passed. But Jezebel really scored a lot, it was a soap opera that scored a lot.

What were the best collaborations with cast actors you had during your participation in the soap opera?

I had a great collaboration with Ary França and Ary Fontoura, they were wonderful. One played the butler, the other played my brother and we had scenes where we would lie down and roll around. Mariana Ximenes, Kayky Brito, Prissioni Fantin and Rosane Gofman were the people I worked with the most. And the bad guys, who were wonderful: Cláudio Corrêa e Castro, Tarcisinho (Tarcísio Filho) and Ernani Moraes. It was a great cast.

Which scene or sequence struck you the most in Chocolate with Pepper?

There is a scene where there was a chocolate war at the chocolate factory, and then Marcello Novaes threw a cake, but with such force I thought: ‘Now I have broken my neck’. I came back slowly, it hadn’t broken, of course, but I had a lot of cake on my face (laughs). These are moments that are part of a fun and delightful novel like this one.

Recently some soap operas he starred in have been filmed. What are your expectations for this Chocolate with Pepper replica?

My expectation is that a lot will be seen because it is a soap opera, the way it was The carnation and the rosethat Walcyr hit with the hands of a master, Jorginho (Jorge Fernando) was a fantastic director, which I miss a lot, the light was beautiful, the scenery wonderful …, from the costumes, it was a very pleasant work, which stay in our hearts.

Pepper Chocolate – Special Edition is written by Walcyr Carrascowith a central direction of Jorge Fernando. The general direction is Fabricio Mamberti and direction of Fred Mayrink.

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