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Record-breaking pronunciations on animal abuse by “A Fazenda”

The reprimand of a member of “A Fazenda” for alleged mistreatment of production animals has become one of the most discussed topics on social networks and led Record TV to speak late Monday afternoon (26/9).

In a press release, the broadcaster said that “the participant Lucas Santos was warned by the production in dealing with the calf”, but “there was no mistreatment with the animals of ‘A Fazenda'”.

The text explains that “the program team, together with specialized professionals, monitors the routine of pedestrians in their activities with animals. Be correct and subject to warning, as in this case”.

The former “Carousel” was reprimanded early Monday for the way he was treating a calf.

As the camera caught Deolane Bezerra during the PlayPlus live stream, the voices of Lucas and another man could be heard in the background.

“But I’m (careful) as much as possible,” Lucas said, and then the man replies, “Okay, thanks.”

The explanation came in a conversation with Deolane, who went to find Lucas to find out what had happened.

“He said I’m not showing respect for animals, because I turned to the calf and said …”. The sentence was not completed, because by changing the image at this time to show the kitchen.

When he returns to the conversation between Deolane and Lucas, the pawn says “‘… so we mustn’t get out of hand’ and said I mistreated the animal. Tell him to get out and do this shit then!”.

“It’s just that they also talk the way we talk to animals,” Deolane said. And Lucas continued: “And where do we treat animals badly? We treat them well, we clean everything so they don’t stop for him …”.

Later, Lucas returns to talk to Deolane about the call he answered, saying he was very angry about the reprimand. “I felt bad because he said I mistreated the animal …” he said.

“But that’s the way we talk. People don’t always understand what we say. When we’re sure of ourselves, we don’t look bad,” the lawyer said.

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Source: Terra