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“Don’t Worry Honey” actress reacts to film cut: “We continue to thrive in real life”

Kiki Layne, who plays Margaret’s character in the film, shares her rant on social media

Kiki Layneinterpreter of the character Margaret in the film Do not worry dear, he found that most of his scenes were cut from the film. The actress decided to give an indirect via a post on Instagram.

In the post a sequence of videos and photos, in which the artist appears with his face glued to that of his co-protagonist Ari’el StachelKiki wrote: “The best part of Do not worry dear I was lucky enough to meet Ari’el Stachel. They cut most of our scenes from the movie, but we continued to thrive in real life. I love you, Ari, “wrote Kiki, releasing a photo album with her co-star. The actress also used the hashtags #GanheiMeuPagamento and #TudoAcontecePorUmMotivo.

Margaret plays an important role in the plot, even if she appears very small. It is she who questions the status quo of the utopian society in which they live. Defined as crazy, he arouses the curiosity of Alice, the protagonist of the story, played by Florence Pugh.

Box office success

Directed by Olivia Wilde and protagonist Harry Styles And Florence Pugh, Do not worry dear has amassed about $ 30 million (about R $ 160 million according to the current quota) in its first weekend of exhibitions around the world, according to the Variety.

The feature grossed $ 19.2 million in the United States alone and another $ 10.8 million in the international market (including Brazil). The production is expected to pay the total amount of $ 35 million in relation to its budget next weekend.

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