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Giovanna Ewbank declares herself demisexual: you understand the term

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Demisexuality is a sexual orientation like any other, despite being little known.

The actress and host of the podcast “Quem Pode, Pod” Giovanna Ewbank36 years old, she made a revelation about her own sexuality in the latest edition of the program she commands with her friend and also an actress Fernanda Paes Leme.

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Ewbank, who has been married to actor Bruno Gagliasso for 12 years, said she was only able to intimately relate to four people before her husband.

“You have to have feelings to have sex with that person. My dream was to go out for sex, have fun and … Here and there and wow! It was bad, it was good. I don’t have many references, “revealed the actress.

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She also said her mother encouraged her to “enjoy life more”. “My mother used to say, ‘Daughter, you have to have fun, you have to go out’ … But we’re demisexual,” she said.

But what does it mean to be demisexual?

Despite being somewhat unknown, demisexuality is a sexual orientation like any other known in the world.

A demisexual person has his attraction linked to feelings or intimacy, in other words, it is necessary to first have an emotional bond in order for sexual attraction to emerge.

This demisexual individual still does not tie affectivity to gender, that is, it can create affection for the opposite gender, for the same, for non-binary people or, again, gender may not be a relevant factor for the relationship.

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