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Gkay cries after receiving a special invitation from Balenciaga: ‘I can’t believe this is happening’


The influencer is a fan of the French brand and is thrilled with the special treatment

who accompanies Gkay on social networks, get to know your taste for different clothes and accessories. Therefore, the digital influencer usually composes with pieces from the French brand Balenciagawho has finally noticed her, is entitled to a special invitation.

This Saturday, 1st, Gkay shared on her Instagram that she was invited to a fashion show for the brand. The influencer celebrated the news and didn’t contain her emotion. “I’m shaking. Oh my God, I can’t believe this is happening. You know how passionate I am about the brand! Things are happening so fast,” she said, opening the invitation.

Not holding back her tears, she admitted that she had been having difficult days due to the negative comments about her style. Therefore, getting noticed by the brand is an incentive. “They sent the flowers, they sent the boxes with the look I will wear. (…) They treat me as important as other people,” she celebrated.

Gkay stressed that, although unexpected, the invitation is “a great achievement” for her and encouraged everyone: “Never give up on your dreams, please.”

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