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Deborah Secco: “I was offered R $ 10 million for one night”

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The actress took the opportunity to remember abusive relationships and betrayals

Debora Seccoknown for starring in productions of Globerevealed that he had already received a proposal for R $ 10 million to spend the night with a suitor, but denied it.

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“It will never happen. I got annoyed because I’m not for sale and someone thinking about that possibility offends me a little,” she told the ‘High Definition‘, thematic program sexual displayed in Portugal.

During your participation, the actress he talked about his relationships and stated that I have been through a few violent men.

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“I was betrayed by all of my folks lovers, in all relationships. I found them all, men are not good at cheating. Maybe because I am a public person and things are much easier for me. I have gossip reporters who call me and tell me everything. I have screenshots of conversations. I got in the car in the morning and got a ticket to buy a condom at night. Men do what they do best, “she recalled.

Always immersed in the subject, she defended that the orgasm become a more frequent agenda in today’s world.

“It was very difficult for me to have an orgasm by penetration. It took me many years to get it. pomponismI went after … It was only possible because I naturalized sex for myself. Sex for me it’s like drinking water, taking a shower. Maybe if he wasn’t naturalized, I wouldn’t be able to have this orgasm. This is very cruel. Talking about it is necessary. In women we have to talk about it “.

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