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The Farm: Thomas believes that Tiago is possessed by the devil

After the confusion caused by Tiago Ramos at the last party of “A Fazenda 14”, actor Thomaz Costa was suspicious that the failure to control the pedestrian could be linked to possession.

In a conversation with influencer Alex Galette, the former Carousel recalled that Tiago claimed to be the “demon” in confinement himself, which led him to consider that Neymar’s former stepfather’s attitudes could be caused. from the spirits.

“Can I talk? It’s something weird happening. He says it himself. He said, ‘Dude, I think it’s something spiritual,'” Thomaz said.

“Oh, he’s over there [na área externa]walk to go there [sair do programa], I said: ‘James, in the name of Jesus …’, and he said: ‘Jesus is the cock *, here is the devil’. Wow, brother, ”added Thomaz, recalling the model’s controversy.

Alex Galette agreed, saying he was very angry and acting strange after injuring his leg at the last party. “And this time he hurt his leg, he had something very strange. So,” said the influencer, imitating the way of walking of Tiago Ramos. “Isn’t that right? Like that Jack the Ripper,” continued Alex, cut off from PlayPlus after the confrontation.

In fact, Tiago uttered the phrase remembered by Thomaz, before disappearing for several hours during the dawn of last Saturday (1/10). The model needed assistance from the production of the reality show after she, under the influence of alcohol, threatened to leave the show and was aggressive with everyone who tried to stop him.

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