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Does Indigo already have NO? Someone close to Camilos called her “GOD”

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Almost 15 days after her birth, Indigo, the firstborn of Camilo and Evaluna, could already have a godmother and would be someone very special. This is Manuela Echeverry, the sister of the famous singer, after she shared an image where she addresses the baby as her “godmother”.

In a story on Instagram, “Manuelita”, as she is better known, shared a photo that shows her niece’s name written on her shoulder.

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“Happy day at the most beautiful baptismal font,” wrote the young woman who has a very close relationship with Camilo.

At the moment, neither the interpreter of “Expensive Clothes” nor Evaluna have confirmed whether “Manuelita” will be Indigo’s godmother, whose face has not been shown.

Manuela feels great affection for Indigo’s parents

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Although the singers have not confirmed it, “Manuelita” would be a great godmother for Indigo, not only because of the huge love he already shows her, but also because of the wonderful relationship he has with Evaluna and Camilo.

In August 2020, the young woman declared that Evaluna is the “sister” that God gave her and dedicated a few words full of affection on the occasion of her birthday.

“Evaluna, you make everything more beautiful. Your way of being changed my perception of many things, your faith changed my faith, you illuminated my life and that of my family so intensely that now I do not remember a life in which you were not. I love you infinitely “, the young woman wrote to accompany an image in which she appears with the singer.

As for Camilo’s brother, “Manuelita” has shared that he is one of his loved ones and that he feels great pride for the man who has been there for several years.

“I love you. Camilo, I celebrate the man you are today, the brother, the boss, the friend, the son, the dad. What a privilege to see you grow up … excited about what is coming this year and happy that you are I can to embrace you today I am here to always believe in you “, is part of the words he dedicated to the singer, via Instagram, when she turned 28 years old.

Evaluna and Camilo brothers “fight” to be Indigo’s favorite uncle

Moments after Indigo was born, “Manuelita” and Mau Montaner, Evaluna’s brother, had a fun “battle” on social media to find out who their favorite uncle would be.

“I’m the beloved uncle! Period! I can not stop thinking about her and how I want to see her again. I love you, Indigo,” Mau wrote in the Instagram post announcing the baby’s birth.

In the face of these words, Camilo’s sister responded quickly: “Mau Montaner, the beloved uncle stays to see him ha, ha, ha. The road is long.”

Source: univision

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