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Jojo Todynho’s ex refutes criticisms of the alleged relationship with the former Fazenda

The military announced the end of the marriage to Jojo Todynho last Saturday, 29, and he was seen in a romantic mood at a party.

Lucas Souza refutes criticisms of the alleged relationship with the influencer:

    Lucas Souza refutes criticisms of the alleged relationship with the influencer


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Jojo Todynho’s ex-husband, the military Lucas Souza retorted the comments received on social media after being seen with Liziane Gutierrez at a party in Rio de Janeiro. In the images the two exchange hugs and appear to be holding hands.

On Instagram, the influencer commented on the episode.

“Let me tell you something: I’m single, right? I, holy, have a foot in the ass. So, fuck you,” said the soldier.

According to Lucas, she had been holding back her outburst for a long time and since she started dating Jojo has received criticism, much during the time they were married. Through Stories, he said that if he needed to talk about all the women he’s dating, followers would have a hard time maintaining the account, because there are so many.

About his involvement with Liziane, Lucas said they are friends.

“She is a friend of mine. I talked to her, we were already talking on Instagram. I talked to her, there is nothing. We were together there, at a certain point I took her hand to get out of the crowd, because people really were agree top. That was all, “he said.

The military man and Jojo starred in comings and goings on social networks in the last month of their relationship.

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