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Ekaterina Sokolova-Jubert about the series “Passengers”, karmic debt to Gilev and gifts to the heroine Chipovskaya

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Katya, how did it happen that from the actress of the series “Passengers” you retrained as a screenwriter for the new season?

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In fact, everything was quite the opposite. I wrote from the very beginning – together with Ruslan Sorokin we came up with the first series, and the third, where Kirill, the character of Sergei Gilev, just appears, I wrote myself. But as an actress, I acted in the series quite by accident. At one of the readings that usually take place before filming, Karen Oganesyan suddenly said: “Listen, can you play Vera?” “It’s definitely her!”: Cyril Kyaro confirmed. According to the script, his hero is in love with this girl, a gas station worker. And she is quiet, modest, tolerates a bad attitude towards herself from another character, the father of her child. Basically, the complete opposite of me. But it was interesting to play – to exist in such acceptance, patience, love.

What are you then?

I am more like Mary, the heroine of Anya Chipovskaya. This season, I completely prescribed her character and took a lot from my life. For example, relationships with parents. I was born into a family of mathematicians, and they wanted me to have a stable and understandable profession – I had to enter the Faculty of Economics, other options were not even discussed. Every day I got up at 5 in the morning to catch classes. At some point, I got tired of all this, and I made a revolution – I took an academy and left for India with my friends. And I also gave the heroine a box with a surprise, a dress in sequins and a funny fur coat – I have one. And the most important thing in Mary from me is vulnerability and closeness from the world.

Parents then were shocked by your decision to go to another country?

Now we have a very good relationship, my parents support me in everything. But then there was no stopping me: I decided that I wanted to see the whole world. And she almost fulfilled her dream: she visited all the major cities of Europe and Asia, only Morocco, Japan and Australia were not covered. And now I come to India as to my home – I like this fuss, rickshaws, everyone strives to grab your suitcase to earn a tip. When my friends and I came here for the first time, we traveled all over Rajasthan. Our trip also included first-class trains, when you come in and practically half a wagon is yours – everything is in wood, in varnish, and the service is like in an expensive hotel. But also on the cheapest trains, where there are three rows of shelves, and people literally sit on top of each other. Once we were brought to the border with Pakistan. When we woke up, scorpions were crawling everywhere!

Didn’t they point you to the acting path?

Such providences are good in movies. But in my life, first there was the philological faculty of Moscow State University, where I transferred from the Faculty of Economics. During my studies, I worked as an assistant stylist – I dragged myself around the shopping center, collecting images for glossy magazines and some kind of filming. I really liked that photos and videos need completely different textures. I even wanted to go to study as a theater costume designer. And such a case once turned up. Then there was a year of friendship between Poland and Russia, many exchange opportunities. And I also have a grandfather from the Poles. The stars aligned – I entered the school of directing and acting at the theater in Krakow. I thought I would make costumes, but I began to stage performances and play in productions. When she returned to Moscow, she entered the drama school with German Sidakov. Only recently I learned that he did not want to take me, but Seryoga Gilev stood up. He, then already a graduate, came to the qualifying round and said to Sidakov: “Let’s take it, good girl.” Gilev told me this story recently on the set.

And now, how surprising, I returned this karmic debt to him. In the first season of “Passengers” I prescribed the role of a drug addict Cyril. And when they began to discuss who could play him, I suggested Gilev. Our director Karen Oganesyan didn’t like this idea: “Gilev? This puny guy – no!” But he called me to audition. And at the meeting I realized – it’s him, Cyril. By the way, with Anya Chipovskaya there was a similar story. For the role of Mary, on which I also worked, at first another actress was invited, but she did not work out according to the schedules. And I suggested Anya.

Sergey Gilev and Anna Chipovskaya, series “Passengers”

Were you also friendly as with Gilev?

We knew each other, but we never got close. All artists have an image created by their roles. It seemed to me that the image of Chipovskaya was just what was needed. And she was not mistaken – Anya turned out to be a 100% hit.

Source: Hellomagazine

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