Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Laura Flores regrets posing for Playboy

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Laura Flores is one of Mexico’s most successful soap opera singers and actresses. However, there is one work you regret And until he apologized to his daughter Maria for the “damage” it caused.

The actress was a guest on the show ¡Sitense Quien Pueda!, which airs Monday through Friday at 7P/6C on UNIMÁS, where she recalled when she posed for Playboy magazine, which led her getting fired from a soap opera and that they attack his eldest daughter.

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“When I came out in Playboy in 1992 I got kicked out of a soap opera. To me it hurt me terribly at the time“, Flores recounted. “La pícara soñadora” was the melodrama from which producer Valentín Pimstein fired her, because she did not agree to appear in the men’s magazine.

Laura Flores’ daughter was a victim of bullying

On the show, the actress shared that, despite the fact that the photos were not particularly revealing, years later they caused a lot of damage to her daughter Maria.

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My daughter was bullied in high schoolbecause your mom was naked in Playboy, and I died of shame“He told Sit Whoever Can! “In those days it was Playboy where you didn’t go out naked, that you could see the whole thing. No. They were pictures that could very well have appeared in Cosmopolitan or Vanity Fair, in another magazine, but it was Playboy,” he explained.