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Manu Gavassi pregnant? Sensitiva reveals and surprises with details

Manu Gavassi, ex BBB 20, has a pregnancy revealed by a well-known sensitive and receives a report for health problems.

Manu Gavassi is among the most discussed topics on social networks after radically changing the look and returns with the long curls, but another subject involving the name of the firstBBB 20what recently offered what it’s like to work with Bruna Marquezinearoused amazement in the fans.

This is because the psychic Bianca Sensitiva has announced, through her social networks, a prediction made for Manu Gavassi. According to the tarot reader, the singer may have heirs in 2023: “she will become pregnant, baptism and marriage line. I see a new contract in her life, changes are coming.”

Furthermore, the sensible took the opportunity to raise an alarm to Manu Gavassi because of his health, which could be compromised next year: “Beware of health and aesthetic problems,” he advised.

Manu Gavassi opens his heart on working with Bruna Marquezine

Recently, during a premiere of the series “Maldivas”, Manu Gavassi was candid and delivered during the red carpet the best and worst part of the work with Bruna Marquezine, one of her best friends. At the time, Marquezine could not participate due to a trip to Puerto Rico, where she was recording scenes for the film “Besouro Azul”, a bet from DC that brings the Brazilian to the cast. Though her absence was felt by the audience, she was also remembered by Manu: “The best part of working with Bruna, definitely, is the amount of food she brings to that dressing room. The worst part of working, not with Bruna, but with a…

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