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Igor Rickli faces sharp criticism after repudiating Edir Macedo’s homophobic jokes: ‘Disappointment’

Igor Rickli left Record after seven years. On the web, the actor replied to an attack by Edir Macedo, owner of the station, on gays.

After criticizing the biased cult in Edir Macedon, Igor Rickley suffered attacks on his Instagram profile. The actor, who worked at Record for seven years, has taken a stand on the bishop’s homophobic speech. The owner of the station and founder of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God has compared homosexuals to bandits, to bad people.

“In a world where homosexuality is a crime and an imperfection… obviously the extortion of faith will be a virtue!” wrote Aline Wirley’s husband, with whom you have an open relationship. In the comments, netizens criticized the artist’s post, which played Lucifer in the telenovela “Genesis” (2021).

“It’s funny to only make a post like this after you leave the station, right. If you have so much courage to seal it, why didn’t you make a post like this when you were an employee?” asked one. “You’re doing this thinking you’re going to go back to Globo. Sad record that showcases the ‘who’ and then when they get exposure they come out badmouthing. Will continue to be a sub-celebrity,” shot another.

“The person has worked for Record TV for years, has won a legion of fans, was one of the most famous actors of the station and this is how he thanks you? Congratulations on your gratitude,” joked a third. “Guys, this guy worked at Record until yesterday and now he spits in the dish he ate? He wants to listen”, comments one. “Wow Igor, what a disappointment for you. Ok, what Mr. Macedo said is absurd, but it is not today that religious sects behave like this. You were already registered in the CC era,…

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