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Alicia Silverstone returns to be the Cher of ‘Clueless’ 28 years later

The actress has rescued her mythical yellow suit to revive the most iconic posh of the nineties, and the SuperBowl is to blame.

    The next Super Bowl will be held on the 13th of this month of February and, as it is already a classic of the most expensive advertising in the world, there will be no shortage of movie-going references. Some may have thought that Alicia Silverstone was already an outdated star. However, we confess that we have written few articles in recent months with success Alicia Silverstone poses nude at age 46 for a Peta campaign.

    But not everything is going to be campaigns of good deeds, the SuperBowl is coming and you also have to get money. We already know that the big brands pull the checkbook to take their place at the break ceremony that this year will feature none other than Rihanna, after six years away from music. Alicia Silverstone will also walk there to revive her famous Cher Horowitz from ‘Fuera de wave’ (now better known by her original title, ‘Clueless’). The person responsible for the fact that the American star has taken his mythical yellow and black suit out of the closet is the technological brand Rakuten.

    Let’s remember that ‘Clueless’ is a true 90s classic (1995 specifically) directed by Amy Heckerling and adapted by Jane Austin’s ‘Emma’ in the middle of a posh high school in Beverly Hills. Tremendously influential in the adolescent fiction that came after (without ‘Clueless’ we probably would not have had either ‘Mean Girls’ or ‘Elite’, to say two well separated in time), Silverstone herself has shared the first images on her networks.

    After that little gif came a more complete clip of her return to “class” as the queen of the institute.

    Of course, the truth is that whatever Rakuten’s investment is and as much as we like that advertising spends money giving us our good dose of movie nostalgia, the truth is that Silverstone usually gives us that gift for free. The actress has already recovered Cher’s iconic look (the only character she’s played for years that when we hear that name we ask “what Cher?”) in her debut on TikTok in 2021.

    Of course, in all honesty, it must be remembered that Rakuten’s initiative is not the height of originality. In recent years, Alicia Silverstone herself has recovered the outfits de Cher on many occasions to the delight and delight of her followers on social networks. Without going any further, she did it in 2021 to mark her debut on TikTok.


    Ugh! As if… I wouldn’t join TikTok. 😉💛😘 #clueless #AsIf

    ♬ Ugh… As if – Alicia Silverstone

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