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Copy of Pamela Anderson! What does Anne Hathaway’s new favorite top look like?

Denim is now everywhere. We’ve already pulled out the forgotten denim skirt and overalls from the top shelves. Now it’s up to the small – to find the top, which is now at the height of its popularity. And time is running out, because all the stars, as if by mutual agreement, began to wear it. This is how we mass copy the images of Pamela Anderson!

Hello again from the past! Good morning from hot blonde Malibu lifeguard Pamela Anderson. This rebel and avant-garde always loves expressive images, but then… Wow! In the 1990s, the flamboyant actress flaunted cropped T-shirts with might and main, showing off her perfect abs and breasts (the model’s bust literally became a household name in the plastic surgery industry).

But this time we’re talking about Pamela’s legendary and hot style. Let’s move on to her favorite basic crop tops in different patterns and colors, which any fashionista can’t do without now. Let’s pay attention to the most special – denim. Short top in dark denim tied with a bow under the chest. It looks cool and dangerous at the same time – obviously not everyone dares to take such an exit.

But in general, we are ready to experiment with denim. And not just us! In the foreground “behind the new sensations” is the beauty of Anne Hathaway. The American actress recently posed for Elle Magazine. The photos are in plain denim: shirt, jeans, overalls and the same top. Although not as risque as Anderson’s, it suits Ann’s slender figure perfectly. Besides, it’s Prada. No, we don’t remember the story of Andy Sachs, played by Ann, just nostalgia caught the eye…

But it wasn’t Hathaway who revived the fashion for Anderson-inspired denim crop tops. Megan Fox, for example, starred in the 2020 Machine Gun Kelly Bloody Valentine video wearing a similar top. And Dua Lipa, in principle, does not part with jeans, and for a long time. The British singer already has a whole collection: crop tops, long tops, butterfly-shaped tops in all shapes and styles. She boldly combines an interesting wardrobe item with jeans or a skirt – it turns out to be a full denim.

The original jumpsuit was invented by American actress Vanessa Hudgens. The High School Musical star paired her denim top with gray plaid pants and a Miu Miu jacket. The basic version is just in case you want to start somewhere, but you’re not mentally ready for butterflies on your chest like Dua Lipa’s yet.

Another option is the Emma Roberts outfit. Denim top with voluminous sleeves and a collar – sober and stylish! This one can be worn literally under everything: with black and white palazzo pants, a midi or maxi skirt. We conclude: this summer in our collection of tops will arrive. And we’ll start exactly with denim, like Pamela Anderson and Anne Hathaway!

Text: Anastasia Baranova

Source: The Voice Mag