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Libra – calendula, Leo – hype: 12 perfect sneakers according to the sign of the Zodiac


We don’t like to deprive ourselves of pleasures – life is too short not to indulge in the weaknesses of fashion. Therefore, we decided to treat ourselves (and you) to a selection of the most stylish summer and fall sneakers that will fit perfectly into your capricorn wardrobe (lion, scorpio and the list). keep on going).

What’s not to love about fashion astrology? It’s a different kind of fun! It can only be compared to watching “Wild Angel” or sudden dances under the Spice Girls – it’s fun, it doesn’t oblige, it relieves the nerves and it makes you laugh. And it also frees you from the torment of choice: given the number of beautiful sneakers produced each season, it can be quite difficult to decide on a purchase. To save you days of comparisons and thoughts, we tell you which sneakers will fit perfectly in the image, depending on your zodiac sign.

By the way, don’t forget that we have sun and moon signs, as well as ascendants – so with a pure soul you can try at least three pairs!


The influence of Mars makes you exaggerate both the problems and the width of the sole. We propose to focus exclusively on the platform, and there, you see, the hassles of life will not seem so important to you.

Adidas sneakers, 12749 rubles.
at the store


You are a model of peace and patience! And connoisseur of business dress code. We are unlikely to pick up sneakers for a meeting hike, so we will try strict and minimalist models. The beauty is in the simplicity!

GEOX sneakers, 12050 rubles.
at the store


This representative of the air element is considered an artist, torn off his head among the signs of the Zodiac. So your shoes should at least stand out, at most make you the center of attention. Prints, sequins, color block – it’s all for you!

Fila sneakers, 11699 rubles.
at the store


Silver is considered the most suitable metal for crawfish – and it’s also the latest summer trend! We recently told you that the hottest girls will be wearing metallic shoes in the fall, so it’s time to join them. Let’s start with silver sneakers!

New Balance sneakers, 20990 rubles.
at the store

a lion

If you had gone to Hogwarts, you would definitely have gone to Gryffindor. And if you too are a fan of “Harry Potter” and have already acquired a yellow and red scarf, we will not be surprised at all! He needs matching sneakers with gold and scarlet details, prints and other fashionable “hype”. Accio, the best sneakers of the season!

Bread Liu Jo, 13490 rubles.
at the store


Convenient you are ours! We dare not recommend anything other than convenience and quality. Elastic outsole, dense materials, neutral shades that will easily fit into the everyday base. The stars say you’ll make a great collector of vintage models – maybe it’s time to start?

Marc O’Polo sneakers, 8840 rubles.
at the store


Astrologers advise Libra to surround themselves with violets, roses and calendula, so this season we’re looking for sneakers in orange, purple and pink. It looks like you can date two with twins – you both are prescribed a color block!

Tamaris sneakers, 4666 rubles.
at the store


Under the sign of Scorpio, fatal girls are most often born, fatal femma, who will certainly not go for a walk in simple white sneakers. Pretty sneakers are your go-to this season: dramatic blacks, fashion-forward designs and bold logos. Let everyone know right away that they have a fashionista in front of them!

Versace sneakers, 10070 rubles.
at the store


We bet that between a leather jacket and a tweed jacket you will choose a classic jacket – you guessed it? Classics never hurt, nor do the basic sneakers that have topped must-have lists for years. You will definitely love the retro designs!

Alessio Nesca sneakers, 2599 rubles.
at the store


Leader and hard worker, maybe it’s time to take a break? We know how important it is for you to feel the ground under your feet, so we suggest shifting some of the blame onto the wide sole. The more stable your shoes, the easier it will be for you to move mountains!

Replay sneakers, 6560 rubles.
at the store


The lucky colors of Aquarius are blue-green, indigo, purple and blue. In general, anything resembling the depth of the sea. Based on this, we advise you to take a closer look at models with a denim print: it is just at the peak of popularity, and besides, it will suit you very good !

Grunberg sneakers, 3199 rubles.
at the store


Dreamy Pisces are always ready to escape into the world of fantasy and “pass out” in the middle of the workday. So you can combine whimsical (and even slightly eccentric) designs with chunky ones – the sneakers will bring you down to earth, but let everyone around you know they’re dealing with an extremely creative person.

Camper sneakers, 12590 rubles.
at the store

Photo: Giorgio Trovato

Source: The Voice Mag



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