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Quick scarf hairstyles that will save your hair in minutes

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Scarves are suitable for all ages and can be the most amazing hair accessory if you know how to edit them properly. You can style them in many ways. Tie a ponytail, braid a scarf or wrap it around your forehead. No matter what the day or the weather, you can never spoil anything with a scarf! In addition, it will give you a twist. Where to get such a scarf? You probably have some in your closet old scarves from my grandmother, which would be perfect for this trend. Scarves are pretty and decorative, so they really complement your look. Take your everyday outfit to the next level by throwing a scarf in your hair.

Ponytail with scarf

Consider a ponytail with a scarf and create an unusual look. You can comb your hair into a ponytail and tie with a rubber band, then tie a scarf to the rubber band for greater strength. Let the scarf flow loosely with the hair at the nape of the neck, it will definitely attract attention all views to you and make your look special.

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Stylish bun

One of the most popular ways is wrapping the scarf around the bun. You can use it in a high or low bun, with the ends of the scarf either hanging loose or tied with a big bow. It’s a really quick way to decorate a bun and turn an everyday bun into an original hairstyle. Instead of one bun you can create two for a more youthful appearance.

source: pexels

Headband or boho

A classic way of wearing a scarf in your hair as a simple headband. Wrap a scarf around your head slightly behind the hairline and tie it around your neck or top of your head. If necessary, secure the scarf with clips or pins. For a bohemian feel, wrap the scarf around your forehead and tie it in a knot at the back of your head.

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Retro style

Wrapping a scarf around your entire head will keep your hairstyle intact while traveling in a convertible or on a windswept boat, and when you arrive at your destination, just untie it and you won’t ruin your hairstyle. You can also tie your hair with a scarf for a clever way to deal with flying hair in the wind.

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