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All the fashionable girls wear them: 5 most photogenic models of winter shoes

Have you noticed that we’ve become particularly picky about winter footwear? It should be comfortable, stylish, warm and moisture resistant. Oh, and it also looks great in photos for social media. It’s good that such an “almighty” wardrobe item exists!

We do not like winter for cold and gloomy weather (yes, there is such a defect behind it). Almost every day you need to choose only warm and waterproof clothes. But sometimes you really want it to be the same in real life as the fashion bloggers in the photos: the perfect look and everything around it is beautiful – perfect. The second point can be quite difficult to solve, but the first is much easier. And shoes will help you with this, with the help of which it is quite possible to create a fashionable image and thereby cheer up.


We don’t think it will be a discovery for you that UGG boots are synonymous with the word “comfort”. Walking in it, the asphalt looks like fluff, or a fluffy carpet, or a cloud (in general, you understood our joy). Perhaps that is why, when choosing shoes for the cold season, our hands are drawn to this model. We understand, we understand, it’s really hard to resist. In this case, pay attention to an uncommon (like camel) color – fuchsia. It’s easy with the basics of the palette: just take beige and dark shades and mix them with bright pink. Your favorite puffer jacket and a practical black leather bag will complete your stylish look.

Square toe ankle boots

We suggest you conduct a simple experiment: try on square-cap ankle boots in the store and listen to the sensations. We dare to suggest that you immediately feel like the boss of the company, like Anne Hathaway in the movie The Intern. If you like such combinations, we advise you to get a similar pair of shoes. Despite the unusual cape, ankle boots can be worn with classic trousers and a formal blazer, as well as with the most ordinary straight (or flared) jeans and a chunky knit sweater. That’s what we call a smart investment in your wardrobe!

Steps with an unusual texture

Getting together for a vacation can sometimes be problematic. In winter it is even more difficult, because the look must match the cold weather. Unfortunately, the rough-soled lace-up ankle boots (which we usually wear) are far from suitable for all outfits, so it is better to turn to more elegant shoe models. Steps are the best choice. In a duet with them, stylists advise wearing a mini-dress made of dense (not tight) fabric so as not to look vulgar. Kapron tights, if they are not black, give up – their shine in the light will certainly attract too much attention.


It’s time to talk about the hit of the winter of 2022/2023, which is not afraid of snow or rain. Guess what we’re talking about? Yes, yes, these are our beloved and super comfortable dutiks. Fashion bloggers fell in love with the ski suit element so much that they started wearing it on a daily basis. And don’t be surprised! Looking at the photos from social networks, you are convinced that in urban realities they look appropriate and unusual. They will be complemented by cargo pants, a sweatshirt and a short down jacket. A glamorous bag is unlikely to fit here, we suggest you take a closer look at the nylon models. We assure you that dutiks will certainly be interesting to stand out from other casual shoes!

Winter Chelsea

Surely you know that Chelsea is a classic shoe option. With them, you don’t have to bother (and we love that) and search for suitable clothing. They are on a massive platform, on a flat sole, over the knee or low – whatever your soul desires. Complete the look with a long jersey skirt and bodysuit in monochrome milky tones. An elongated puffer jacket and contrasting tote bag complete the look. Be comfortable and stylish! By the way, Chelsea comes with insulation inside perfect for those who are afraid of freezing.

Text: Seda Movsisyan

Source: The Voice Mag