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Pregnant with her second child, Thaila Ayala vents: “Judged and interrogated several times”

Wife of actor Renato Góes and mother of Francisco, Thaila Ayala talks about the pregnancy of their second daughter, Tereza

Recently, Thaila Ayala she used her social networks to post a video and vent about motherhood. The actress, married to the actor Renato goes and mother of Francis1 year, looking forward to Theresa.

Always outspoken about motherhood and family, Thaila said she had some difficulties during her two pregnancies due to the judgments of others.

Thaila Ayala opens up about motherhood

“We need to talk about another need in the mother’s life. Yes, the pregnant woman. The demand that she be absolutely always happy here, radiant, exuding gratitude throughout her pregnancy. Any other not so good feelings she gets to have, or indeed , that you come and express yourself, because if you did, you must have hidden it there”it started.

The actress also said that all the feelings of the pregnant woman are charged, questioned and brought under control. That is, when venting on physical and psychological pain, complaining would invalidate the mother’s right to bear. Which, of course, isn’t true.

“During Chico’s pregnancy, I had depression, I’ve never had depression before, very heavy. Only those who have been through it know the pain I’m talking about. The rest of humanity who don’t know it should shut up, right ? Because we don’t talk about what we don’t know. It seems right to me”, added.

“Among all the other terrible pains and symptoms, like the nausea I’ve had for eight months, heartburn, indigestion, back pain, because I have a herniated disc, osteoarthritis, abdominal pain, because I had a terrible muscle strain, and to close “, a very rare disease called Hellp syndrome, which kills the mother and the child. I entered the surgical center having to choose who I would save. If I could save it. So again, only those who have been through it know the pain” , completed.

Source: Terra

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