“Wake up and VOICE”: cooking quinoa porridge with banana and coconut flakes with Sasha Yelicheva

Hello everyone! It’s your favorite Wake Up and VOICE morning! Another cool breakfast recipe is waiting for you today! Wake Up and VOICE is a Tuesday and Thursday morning show where girls cook delicious healthy breakfasts, share secrets, energize viewers, and chat about everything in the world!

Today’s guest is a lifestyle blogger and fashion influencer, Ostankino School graduate, Miss Russia 2019 finalist and creator of the Look Forever clothing brand. Sasha Elicheva!

Together with Sasha we will prepare an unusual, but very tasty and healthy breakfast – quinoa porridge with banana and coconut flakes. This breakfast option will certainly appeal to gourmets, but at the same time it will not harm your figure. Vegetarians and vegans will also enjoy it, as quinoa contains a high amount of plant-based nutrients and protein!

  • quinoa
  • vegetable milk
  • banana
  • grated coconut for garnish

Check out the full recipe below!

Source: The Voice Mag