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“The King of Gado”: Rafaela surprises Judite with an unexpected phone call

The villain of O Rei do Gado will shock the employee

Judith (Walderez de Barros) and Jeremiah (Raúl Cortez) will face the love story once and for all and the farmer will call her to live with him on the farm that belonged to his family.

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Happy with her boss’s invitation, Judite will be surprised by a phone call from Rafaela (Gloria Pires), who won from Jeremiah the farm bought by Leah (Silvia Pfeifer).

Judite advises Rafaela

“Let me tell you something, my dear. Get it into your head that your uncle Geremias will never speak to you again. Even if he likes you a lot, he’d be a fool if he gave you more than he gave you, wouldn’t he??” , the employee will ask.

“Look, don’t ask me why, but your uncle told me what Tavinho wrote in that letter he left her when he decided to drop everything and go back to the United States. What was written in it? Do you really want me to tell you? No suspicious? Ok, I don’t need to say more, right?”, the woman will ask.

“Go on with your life, sell your cattle when you’re short on cash like you are now and buy a calf when you have more. That was the last message your uncle left you. He doesn’t want to hear your name and me too. no. Hi. It doesn’t matter. It’s like the saying goes, ‘sow, reap’.concludes Judith.

Source: Terra

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