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Retatrutida: the drug under investigation generates greater weight loss than that of Ozempic and Wegovy

The molecule simulates the combination of three hormones to give a feeling of satiety; endocrinologists explain the action in the body

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While semaglutide drugs, such as Ozempic and Wegovy, have gained popularity among overweight and obese patients, the pharmaceutical industry is studying a new active ingredient. This is the retatrude, whose tests have already demonstrated its ability to reduce the patient’s weight by almost a quarter.

The study is conducted by the Eli Lilly laboratory, which analyzed a group of over 300 people who spent a year using the substance. According to G1, those who took the highest dosage, equivalent to 12 mg, lost 24 percent of their weight.

The percentage attracts attention because it approaches the weight loss rate of bariatric surgery without even reaching the plateau: during the surgery the patient loses up to 30% of his weight, more than the drugs available on the market promise. This does not mean, however, that surgery is recommended for everyone. The evaluation of the desired weight loss method is up to the patient and his medical team.

What happens to your body when you cut out sugar altogether?
What happens to your body when you cut out sugar altogether?

As regards the retatrude, also tested in cases of type 2 diabetes, the scenario is still being studied. The research will have to go through a new phase, whose completion is expected in 2026.

Understand, below, how the substance works.

How does retatrutida work on the body? The molecule can simulate three hormones: GLP-1 (satiety), GIP (improves insulin secretion) and glucagon (GCG, which increases blood sugar). Combined, they act synergistically, increasing the sense of satiety and, therefore, reducing appetite, underlines the endocrinologist Giovanna Carpentieri in an interview with Terra.

What is the difference between the new molecule and semaglutide (Wegovy, Ozempic) and liraglutide (Saxenda)? These substances are similar to GLP-1, while retatrutide combines it with two other active ingredients. “GLP-1 and GIP are hormones produced in the gut after eating, which carry ‘satiety’ signals to the brain, in the area responsible for appetite. With the use of drugs that act in this pathway, it is as if the individual had ‘just eaten’ all the time, giving a feeling of early satiety and reducing hunger”, also explains the endocrinologist Claudia Chang, coordinator and teacher of the postgraduate course in Endocrinology at the Instituto Superior de Medicina ( ISMD).

What are the criteria for choosing one method or another? Doctor in Obesity, Giovanna reminds us that the choice must be individualized. “It depends on the type of diet and metabolic profile that led the patient to become obese, and it also depends on each patient’s comorbidities, unwanted side effects and the cost of treatment,” she points out.

Claudia also adds that the initial priority should be clinical treatment, which involves lifestyle changes, “with or without specific medications.” When considering the use of drugs, the doctor must evaluate several variables, from dietary patterns to possible contraindications.

Ozempic x Wegovy

In the first half of this year, a shortage of Ozempic occurred in some Brazilian pharmacies. This is because demand has grown for the medicine, which is officially intended for patients with type 2 diabetes, but its off-label use has also spread to patients with obesity and overweight. There are also records of use without medical indication, which has become a joke despite the risk of side effects.

In this context, Novo Nordisk, the pharmaceutical company responsible for the distribution of the drug, launched Wegovy, officially intended for obese patients: the dose of semaglutide was adjusted. The drug has already been approved by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), but is expected to reach the Brazilian market only in 2024.

Source: Terra

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