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5 natural treatments to improve mood during PMS

Treatments help relieve symptoms such as aggression, mood swings, impulsiveness and feelings of lack

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Does PMS (premenstrual tension) usually cause problems in your life? In this article you will learn 5 natural treatments for improve mood in premenstrual syndromereducing symptoms such as aggression, impulsiveness, excessive need, etc.

However, before seeking treatments, it is essential to understand the message behind these problems.

Every physical manifestation has an emotional cause. Therefore, treating only the visible symptoms may resolve the immediate problem, but the emotional cause may persist, eventually leading to recurrences or even other illnesses.

Therefore, a comprehensive approach that treats both symptoms and emotional causes is recommended. See here how the relationship between gynecological diseases and emotions works.

5 natural treatments for improve mood in premenstrual syndrome

1. Valerian

One of the most common symptoms of premenstrual syndrome is sadness, associated with anxiety, stress and, in the most serious cases, depressive states. Two effective natural resources to mitigate these emotions are Valerian.

The valerian plant is one of the best options, as it is an excellent tranquilizer and acts as a sleep aid. It can be administered in the form of herbal tea or tincture (available in pharmacies). Here you can check a guide with different types of tea for different questions.

Both can start to be given about 3 days before menstruation and until the end of menstruation or when symptoms have disappeared. However, it is important to always remember to respect contraindications, such as lowering blood pressure and interactions with drugs.

two. Lavender, chamomile and passion fruit leaf tea

Lavender, chamomile and passion fruit leaf teas also contribute positively to relieving sadness, stress and anxiety. Another way to deal with stress is to use crystals. Understand more here.

These teas can be prepared using 50g of plant for every liter of water. You can consume up to three cups of these teas a day in the three days before your period or symptoms appear, to calm your emotions.

Then, continue using it until your period or symptoms end.

3. Chocolate to improve mood

While foods such as coffee, mate tea, soft drinks and fried foods can contribute to irritation and fluid retention, there are others that can help with PMS.

This is the case of dark chocolate, which contains more cocoa and can provide immediate relief and release serotonin.

Find out here how to choose your chocolatesince some types contain more fats and sugars, increasing tiredness and fluid retention, already typical of this phase.

4. Menstrual and lunar calendar

The emotional state during ovulation can influence the symptoms of subsequent premenstrual syndrome.

Careful observation of one’s menstrual cycle, behaviors and emotions during the fertile period can provide valuable information about emotional fluctuations.

One of the most effective ways to track your menstrual cycle, moods and behaviors is through Menstrual and lunar calendar. This is a powerful tool for self-knowledge and decision making.

5. Cleansing the uterus

As I said at the beginning of this text, physical symptoms are linked to our emotional symptoms, that is, to the memories that are recorded in the uterus and vaginal canal.

Therefore, experiences, fears and traumas can favor the physiological imbalance of our vaginal flora, which can increase intimate dysfunctions such as premenstrual syndrome.

The technique of Reconsecration of the maternal womb it is a powerful therapeutic approach to release the emotions accumulated in the womb.

In this way, this practice can help erase emotional memories that may be contributing to physical and emotional imbalances. The technique involves pompoarism, breathing and meditation exercises.

If you wish, you can understand more about how work on intimate health issues here.

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Roberta Struzani ([email protected])

– Therapist specializing in sexuality and gynecological health. Provides in-person and online services focused on self-knowledge, increasing self-esteem and the health of the female reproductive system. His main working tool is pompoarism.

Source: Terra

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