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6 Types of Yorkshire Dog Grooming

View a list of options that help increase the value of this pet’s coat

The Yorkshire terrier, also known as the Yorkie, is a small, long-haired dog that tends to attract a lot of attention. In general, this dog’s coat varies from blue to brown, with a clear division in the center of the back, with blue covering the upper part and brown on the lower part of the body. It is also a pet that does not tend to shed much hair.

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Keeping your Yorkshire Terrier’s coat well-groomed is essential to your pet’s health and well-being. In addition to daily brushing, different types of grooming can be applied, depending on the owner’s preferences and the dog’s lifestyle.

Therefore, below, check out the main types of clippings for Yorkshire and their features!

1. Show grooming

This grooming is ideal for the Yorkshire Terrier who participates in beauty pageants or dog shows. This is because it maintains a long, lush coat, the standard length of the breed. Additionally, it includes a long tuft on the top of the head and dense, straight fur on the body. However, it requires daily maintenance with brushing to avoid knots and tangles.

2. Baby grooming

This is a popular option for homeowners who want a more practical, easy-to-maintain look. This is because the hair is cut evenly throughout the coat, maintaining a short length. Plus, it’s a great choice for active dogs who play a lot.

3. Schnauzer grooming

This style is a variation of the baby cut, with the hair kept short on the body, but leaving a long quiff on the dog’s head. cub. The appearance of this grooming resembles that of a miniature schnauzer dog.

The haircut with bangs is a charming option, but care must be taken to avoid tangles

4. Haircut with bangs

In this grooming, the hair on the lower body is kept long and falls like a “slip”, while the rest of the body can be cut shorter. It’s an elegant and glamorous option, but requires more attention to avoid knots in the bangs.

5. Grooming

This grooming focuses on the area around the anus and the genitals to maintain dog hygiene. The fur in these areas is cut short to avoid dirt and tangling.

6. Personalized grooming

This is a unique style created based on the owner’s preferences and the dog’s personality. Plus, you can combine elements from different grooming styles to create a customized look.

Source: Terra

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