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Does preejaculatory fluid “die” quickly on clothes?

The doubt demonstrates that there is some confusion between preejaculatory fluid and sperm

Doctor, since the preejaculatory fluid occurs in small quantities, without penetration, does it die extremely quickly on contact with clothing? Or does it dry up and cannot move and, as a result, die?

Preejaculatory fluid, as the name suggests, is a liquid that comes out of the penis before ejaculation. It is basically composed of secretions produced by the urethral glands. Its function is to lubricate the penis and facilitate penetration.

This liquid, by definition, does not contain sperm that can cause pregnancy. In other words: it is a liquid with few cells, and it has no reproductive cells, so it does not cause pregnancy. In general, after being released, it ends up drying out.

The risk of pregnancy exists with semen, the compound that is excreted from the penis at the time of ejaculation, which contains sperm and other fluids from glands found around the testicular region. This sperm, inside the vagina, is what can lead to pregnancy.

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Can the liquid contain sperm?

During the exit process, the fluid that leaves the penis before ejaculation may carry with it some sperm remaining in the urethra, especially if the man (or boy) has masturbated or ejaculated some time before.

This means that, during penetration, some sperm possibly transported by the preejaculatory fluid can end up inside the partner’s vagina. If she is in her fertile period, this is enough for a pregnancy, although the risk is lower. This is why penetration without a condom or with the use of another contraceptive is risky even if you do not ejaculate.

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