This advice from Schwarzenegger will change your day: look

Schwarzenegger’s best advice for revolutionizing your day has nothing to do with pumping iron

This tip from Schwarzenegger will (really) change your day:

No one can deny that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a successful guy. From a poor, skinny boy in Austria he became a champion weightlifter, gym owner and millionaire. All this before becoming a movie star.

But after becoming the world’s greatest action hero, he also served as governor of California and continues to earn big money today. More famous than ever and using his celebrity to defend the environment and fight global warming.

Schwarzenegger launched a daily newsletter a few years ago. In it, he and his team of writers always share three tips. Not just for training, but suggestions for physical and mental health and for those seeking fulfillment and balance in general. You can find out on

The newsletter is very well done, even for those who have never thought about pumping iron. He recently brought up some very helpful advice on the three most important half hours of your day. I followed the suggestion and approved. It made a big difference in my routine, it could make a big difference in yours. And that’s what my video today is about.

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