Maria Bruaca put an end to the abuses of the relationship; expert comments

Just like Maria Bruaca, from Pantanal, understanding when the relationship needs to end and how to open up to a new love

The remake of the soap opera Pantanal, produced and broadcast by Rede Globo, is highly anticipated. And a few chapters were enough for the plot to conquer the Brazilians and to be among the most discussed subjects on social networks. However, despite the success of the story as a whole, there was someone who stood out even more and caused a real commotion in viewers: to Maria Bruaca.

Played by Isabel Teixeira, Maria Bruaca – o “Maria Bru” for those closest to her – tells the story of a marriage filled with moral abuse by her husband, Tenório. The plot rebelled the country precisely because it was so real and the request was unanimous: wake up, Maria Bruaca! And she woke up, see? The housewife ended the abusive relationship, she imposed herself and did even better: she went in search of a new love, a true love story and revenge on her husband.

And why has this story been so successful among Brazilians? Because there are many Tenórios and many Marias Bruacas out there. In fact, if you think about it, you will remember someone living in very similar situations. So when the character identifies these abuses and decides to get out of wedlock, he gives hope to millions of women who live the same. It’s as if, living his chapters, he left the message that “you can, and you should, too!”

But it’s worth noting that it’s not always easy to end a relationship, right? Even if it’s bad and it hurts, the decision can be very difficult. “The human being is afraid of great changes and, many times, remains unhappy for fear of the new. We bring from our life history some” beliefs “, that is ways of thinking that determine our choices and attitudes, and can trap us in a unhappy relationship, as if we couldn’t leave, “explains psychologist Juliane Verdi Haddad.

How is your relationship?

Knowing how to identify certain points in dating or marriage is the first step in making the right decision, you know? According to the professional, it is worth observing if any of these situations arise:

  • Feeling of anxiety in the presence of the person or in a simple phone call;
  • Having a lot of complaints about your partner and feeling dissatisfied
  • Have constant discussions and never reach a consensus;
  • Notice that your behavior is much more spontaneous when you are not with the person;
  • Realize that the relationship is distant, without exchanging words of love and physical contact, as if they were two strangers;
  • Realize that communication does not exist or is very impoverished;
  • Feeling that you two have nothing in common, that is, totally different values ​​and thoughts in relation to family life and the future;

If you’ve identified with most of the examples, maybe it’s time to rethink the future of this relationship, do you understand? This indicates that something is not going well and needs attention, especially to recognize that relationships aren’t always good for us.

“Relationships can indeed be harmful in different situations. We can cite as examples: when one partner fails to express himself correctly and the other is abusive or when one party needs to control everything and does not accept the point of view. ‘other “, emphasizes Juliana.

Everyone deserves happy love

If it were necessary to close the cycle, know it’s not the end of the world, see? Having the courage of Maria Bruaca is not always easy, but it is inside every woman. And by giving enough essentials, things can be much better later on. That way, just as the character experienced her new love, you can too!

After all, just because one relationship has gone wrong doesn’t mean everyone else will. “Can’t wait to go! Keep this in mind and make a list of the positives and negatives of past relationships. Compare them, analyze the negative points and ask yourself if this is what you want for your life. Constantly work with reality and don’t be fooled by the other person’s changes. Change yourself by making healthy choices “, advises the psychologist.

And there’s nothing wrong with asking for help during this release process, okay? Count on the support of people you trust, such as family and friends, as well as professionals who can help you deal with emotional problems, such as psychologists and therapists, through psychotherapy. I’ll do it right!

Source: Juliane Verdi Haddad, psychologist.

Source: Terra