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‘I’m married to my sister’s brother’: the influencer’s love story goes viral on the networks; understand

Ariadne Barros revealed to ‘Estadão’ that she and her husband, Carlos Júnior, started dating at the age of 13

The influencer Arianna Barros27-year-old went viral on social media when she said her husband, Carlo Junior, 27, is actually her sister’s brother. Married since February 2022, they are not related. Look up.

It all started when Joarez married Jussara and had Janine, his firstborn. The couple separated and both met other people.

Joarez married Adriane and had Arianna. Jussara, however, met Carlos, with whom she had Carlos Júnior. To top it off, the couple who went viral on social media were born in the same year, four months apart.

In this way Janine is Arianna’s sister on her father’s side; and sister of Carlos Júnior on her mother’s side. The couple is not related in any way.

To the Estadao, Ariadne Barros says that she and Carlos Júnior started dating when they were still teenagers, at 13 years old. “I lived in Feira de Santana with my father and my husband lived with my sister, in Salvador. All the school holidays, every year, I spent in Salvador. Finally, in one of those years, we started to stay,” she reveals.

The family’s reaction to the news of the affair was well received. “He was extremely calm, even though everyone was very surprised. Since the family was very friendly, my father already knew his family since he was little, so for that reason he was very calm,” she said.

Because Arianna and Carlos Júnior lived in different cities, the first 11 years of their relationship were long-distance. They took turns visiting each other on weekends. Once upon a time the journey was made by bus, or even with the parents passing by. “Either I went to his house, spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday and came back on Monday, or he came to my house,” she said.

The influencer said that they have known each other since childhood, but ruled out any disagreements between the relatives. “Our families have always been friends. There has never been jealousy on either side, neither my father with my father-in-law, nor my mother-in-law with my mother. There has always been maturity. Even though my father and my mother… . the in-laws had separated, they had become friends because of their common daughter”, he added.

The person who found the story strangest was Janine, the couple’s sister. “Actually for her it’s a little complicated. She goes out into the street with us and says: ‘Look, these are my brothers, but my brothers are married (laughs). ‘ It’s strange, but she was also very calm.”

Arianna is married to Carlos Júnior, her sister's half-brother

However, her paternal grandfather does not understand the relationship between Arianna and Carlos Júnior. “When he met my father’s first wife, he doesn’t understand how I am now married to his son… I tried to explain to him and for him ‘it’s too much’. He preferred to accept it and let it go,” she said. commented a Estadao.

The couple made their union official in February last year and have no children, but Ariadne has said she intends to have them. “For now we only have one puppy,” she said.

Source: Terra

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