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Five fruits that hydrate and refresh in the heat

High temperatures require reinforcement in terms of hydration

Recently, warm weather has dominated several areas of the country—in other words, a climate that encourages someone to exercise and eat well. However, every little helps to maintain good health and therefore Virtual Persona nutritionist Eveline Dana they will indicate five fruits that hydrate and refresh in the heat.

First, do any fruits replace water?

“Nothing replaces water, but some fruits are great for self-care by staying hydrated,” Eveline said. The professional also said that there are fruits that contain more than 90% water, which helps in the replacement of liquids.

Discover the five fruits that hydrate and refresh in the heat


The richness of vitamins E, A and C makes melon the “champion” in the composition of water among fruits. “It is a delicious fruit, low in calories, contains around 35 kcal in 100 g and is made up of 93% water, in other words, an excellent option for this season”, guarantees Dana.


92.5% of this fruit is made up of water, which also contributes to the replacement of liquids. “Consumption of the fruit is beneficial for the immune system, contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects,” he reported.


“Orange juice is also a good option, but it should be consumed with caution, since it requires a large amount of oranges, that is, it is richer in calories, the ideal is to use the fruit,” he warned.


Fruit composed of 90% water and vital for those who suffer from constipation. “Also, we can mention benefits such as vitamin C, A and E,” she confirmed.


“91.8% of strawberries are made up of water and 100 g of fruit corresponds to 30 kcal, like melon and watermelon. Furthermore, it is a source of calcium, potassium, iron, selenium, magnesium and phenolic compounds, which are antioxidants” , concluded Eveline. Dana.

Source: Terra

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