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Casa de Criadores has “fake nudity” and Leandrinha on her knees

Alternative and inclusive fashion presented itself once again at the Casa de Criadores, this Saturday (9) and Friday (8), with the right to “fashion orgy” promoted by stylist Rober Dognani, with latex looks that simulated nudity.

There was also a fashion show celebrating 50 years of Santista jeans in Brazil, with influencer PCD Leandrinha parading on her knees. And also a brand that brought a pouch bikini to the catwalk. There was also a drag battle at the event on Friday.

Roberto Dognani

The collection was presented by Rober Dognani, who is celebrating 20 years of fashion shows at Casa de Criadores “All nakedness will be well dressed”, with models wearing pieces of latex on tulle, which reproduce breasts and penises. Some entered with dolls attached, even simulating sexual intercourse.

Fashion show by Rober Dognani (Photo Andy Santana/Agênci Brazil News)

The stylist said so “Them on the red carpet”, in the backstage of the event which takes place until this Sunday (10th) at the Centro Cultural Vergueiro, which has decided to celebrate 20 years of showing bodily and sexual freedom, “but with poetry and drama, just the way I like it”. She added: “It looks like nudity, but all the models are well dressed, with everything covered.” The prints are inspired by the works of the early 20th century Austrian expressionist painter Egon Schiele, already used by Rober at the beginning of his career.

Alessandra Berriel at the Rober Dognani fashion show

On the catwalk, models such as Vivi Orth, Carmelita, Geanine Marques, Alessandra Berriel, among others, performed on stage, with a bed, huge birds, peaches, a hairstyle and a ladder, set up in the Ademar Guerra room, at the Cultural Center.



PCD influencer Leandrinha walked on her knees at the Tradition and Evolution – Jeans 50 Years of Brazil by Santista + Lycra presentation, in a disheveled black look. The show showed the reinterpretation of jeans from the 1970s to 2020, describing their evolution and style in each period.

The fashion show shows the evolution of jeans in Brazil (Photo: Andy Santana/Agência Brazil News)

bikini with pouch

The Benites (Photo: Andy Santana/Agência Brazil News)

Leandro Benites, of Le Benites, showed a bold agender style, with pelvic cutouts, unexpected openings, cropped or minimal tops and even a bikini with pouch panties. In other words, a creative, surprising and modern show.


Ruma parade

On Friday (8), the brand Ruma put on a drag battle on the catwalk, as if they were competing in a show, with names like Shannon Skarllet, Kaya Conky and even Dudu Bertholini, who also performed on the brand’s catwalk. Hellena Malditta and Rubi Ocean, responsible for the brand, presented the Dragcyling collection, in reference to the word upcycling, since drag queens are masters at reusing their pieces.

Drag battle on the Ruma catwalk


With the Vittor Sinistra collection he has also raised the temperature for evening looks “RTS3000 – Clothing with Feeling technology”with sharp pieces, with a touch of punk, fantasy, futurism and dream, in a performing and vibrant parade, in shades of red, black, beige and lots of gold and silver, complete with gloves and masks.

Vittor Sinistra (Photo: Agência Brazil News/Agência Fotosite)

Source: Terra

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