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Black and Gray Kitchen: +15 Projects and Tips on How to Build Your Own

A black and gray kitchen combines the elegance of gray with the modernity of black, creating a versatile and sophisticated environment. If you are enchanted by this timeless and surprising combination, this article is for you.

We’ll share valuable tips on how to create the black and gray kitchen of your dreams, transforming your space into an impressive and elegant environment.

However, you will be able to draw inspiration from various projects by Leo Romano, Rodrigo Baleeiro – Dbale Arquitetura, Marcela Penteado Architects, Thais Manfrim – Borboleta Architecture, Rafaella Grasnoff – Loft 7 Architecture, Camila Palladino Architecture AND Triarq study!

What colors go well with a black and gray kitchen?

Since black and gray are neutral colors, they both work great with both warm and cool colors.

Therefore, if you want to create a brighter and warmer environment, opt for a black and gray kitchen design with shades of yellow, orange or red.

But if the idea is to create a more peaceful and fresh environment, you can combine the black and gray kitchen with shades of green, blue or purple.

How to choose black and gray kitchen cabinet?

Check out the four simple tips below to find the ideal black and gray kitchen cabinet model.

1. Write down the measurements of the room and appliances

2. Black and gray kitchen: taking note of the measurements of the room and the appliances is essential when choosing furniture – Project: Thais Manfrim – Borboleta Arquitetura |  Photo: Marco Torelli

3. Black and gray kitchen: measuring every corner is essential before purchasing the ideal piece of furniture – Project: Camila Palladino |  Photo: Samantha Martins / MM Photo Imagem

The size of the black and gray kitchen cabinet should be proportional to the space of the room. Therefore, measure every angle, including the placement of windows, doors and even the size and opening of your vehicle’s covers. home appliancesAS oven, dishwasher OR microwave.

2. Notice the way the cabinet opens

Opening doors, sliding doors, hinged doors and tilting doors are some examples of openings for wardrobe doors.

The tilting cabinet, with a piston system, opens upwards or downwards, maximizing space and efficiency in compact kitchens, making it ideal for optimizing the organization and design of the environment.

3. Analyze the colors that fit the project

4. Black and gray kitchen: green wall next to the open kitchen – Project: Rafaella Grasnoff – Loft 7 Arquitetura |  Photo: Mol Dam

Contrary to what many people think, black and gray kitchen cabinets do not necessarily have to follow only these shades.

One or some of the doors that make up the cabinet may have a different color, just like one of the gray-black walls in the kitchen. It all depends on the project proposal.

4. Pay attention to the materials you choose

Normally, cabinets Kitchen They are made of wood, stainless steel, with an MDF structure or with a lacquered finish. Choose the material that best suits your budget and your decorating style for your black and gray kitchen.

How does the black and gray modular kitchen work?

5. Black and gray kitchen: the designed environment optimizes space, functionality and adds value to the property – Project: Leonice Alves

Small or large, integrated or not, every kitchen can benefit from the advantages of having custom-made furniture.

After all, the kitchen designed in black and gray, in addition to optimizing space for the circulation of people, also helps to mount household appliances, mount the hot tower and store kitchen utensils.

Although the cost of designing a black and gray modular kitchen is higher than other models on the market, the result will certainly help increase the value of your property.

How does black and gray American cuisine work?

6. Black, gray and green kitchen: choose furniture considering space, functionality, style, color and material – Project: Marcela Penteado Arquitetos |  Photo: @gabriela.daltro

The design of the American kitchen in black and gray guarantees a pleasant, comfortable and functional environment. The integrated environment makes it easier to interact with people while preparing meals in the environment.

Furthermore, the American kitchen project favors the construction of kitchen benches that delimit the space and act as a support for quick everyday meals.

The benches can be made in different colors and materials, adding even more aesthetic value to the project.

How to decorate a black and gray kitchen?

7. Black and gray kitchen: imposing and pure charm environment – ​​Project: Leo Romano |  Photo: Edgard César

When furnishing a black and gray kitchen, focusing on the details makes the difference. Therefore opt for coverings such as tiles or herringbone patterns for the walls, which add a touch of refinement.

Countertops made of premium materials, such as marble or granite, add luxury and durability, while lighter shades of gray on the walls balance the darkness of the furniture.

In fact, it is worth innovating furniture and appliances with bright colors such as yellow, blue or red to revitalize the environment.

8. Black and Gray Kitchen: Stainless Steel Appliances Match the Decor – Project: Studio Triarq |  Photo: @marianaorsifotografia

Stainless steel appliances or appliances with colorful finishes make attractive focal points. Well-planned lighting, especially with pendant luminaires, not only illuminates efficiently, but also serves as a decoration.

Furthermore, small details such as discreet handles and wooden elements can be the finishing touches that define the style of the kitchen. With them, your black and gray kitchen can become a unique, functional and elegant space.

Did you like knowing how to decorate a black and gray kitchen? Take the opportunity to be inspired by more projects Erica Salguero, Leo Shehtmann, Tufi mousse, Studio SPCris Passing and Giovane Marangoni, Framo Arquitetura,

9. Black and Gray Kitchen: Black and Gray Kitchen: Black Cabinets for a Sophisticated and Contemporary Look – Project: Érica Salguero |  Photo: Denilson Machado/CASACOR

10. Black, gray and green kitchen: young and masculine environment for a technological and digitally influenced resident – ​​Project: Leo Shehtman |  Photo: Henrique Padilha/CASACOR

11. Black and gray kitchen: minimalist and versatile space, with large worktops and spacious cabinets – Project: Tufi Mousse |  Photo: Fábio Jr Severo/CASACOR

12. Black and gray kitchen: the orange refrigerator stands out in this space – Project: Estúdio SP |  Photo: Rafael Renzo/CASACOR

13. Black and gray kitchen: a dark environment, but which conveys lightness – Project: Cris Passing and Giovane Marangoni |  Photo: Mariana Boro/CASACOR

14. Black and gray kitchen: biophilic design is highlighted in this project with sober tones – Project: Framo Arquitetura |  Photo: Jomar Bragança/CASACOR

15. Black and gray kitchen: the distinctive design of this island is the heart of the environment – ​​Project: Gabriel Bordin |  Photo: Lio Simas/CASACOR

This was our content on black and gray kitchen decor. Now that you know more about the topic, you can start building, renovating or decorating your space Viva Decora shop!

Source: Terra

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