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Influencer removes ribs during surgery, suffers 5 fainting spells and is shocked when she shows bruises on her body: ‘Small waist’

Influencer Verolayne shared her weight loss process with fans on social media. A year after her bariatric surgery, she underwent plastic surgery to remove her ribs and was surprised to see bruising and swelling on her body. Look at the pictures!

Almost a year later perform a bariatricthe influencer Verolaine he underwent surgery to remove his ribs. Followed by 1 million people, she shared her post-plastic processes on her Stories and was shocked to see the amount of bruising and swelling on her body. Under observation in hospital, the author of the content was discharged on Wednesday (21).

“This is the fourth surgery I’ve had. I’ve had an appendix, a C-section, bariatric surgery, and now this plastic surgery. Every time I wake up from surgery and try to get up, my blood pressure drops a lot and I faint. Since this was the biggest of all, I spent sixteen hours in the dark operating room, when I tried to get up, my blood pressure dropped, reaching eight. I fainted immediately. The doctor thought that it would be better for me to rest a bit,” he said, adding:

“I fainted five times. Once in the hospital and four at home. I blacked out out of nowhere. Something due to the anesthetic effect. My vision went dark and I lost consciousness.”

“The only pain that really bothers me is the pain in my ribs, because they’re broken and they’re loose.”

Then, he explained what the feeling was after the surgery. “The pain I feel is like I’ve done a hard workout at the gym. I’m sore all over. The only pain that really bothers me is the pain in my ribs, because they’re broken and loose. When I take a deep breath, it’s uncomfortable. But it’s not a pain from another world, especially since I’m medicated. The only problem I have is blood pressure and my spine…

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