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10 ways to apply Feng Shui in the kitchen


Create a sociable, functional and livable environment following the principles

Feng Shui is an ancient practice, but one that has become popular in Western interior design in recent decades. The kitchen, according to the philosophy, is one of the most important areas of your property.

It’s where you usually spend most of your time and socialize, so it should be planned with the same care and consideration as you would with the rest of your home decor.

Including Feng Shui in this space can ensure a kitchen that will improve your quality of life and is right for you. Here are the best ideas on how to do it:

Think about using a Feng Shui color palette

As the kitchen has become a multifunctional environment, designed for both living and cooking, the choice of colors has never been more important. The room is represented by fire elementso avoid using red and orange as they can cause an imbalance in space energy.

Take a neutral stance, there is a range of shades to choose from: ivory, gray beige, earth and more.

Invest in metal elements

According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, the metallic element promotes calm, clear thoughts and increased productivity. A metal backsplash is the best way to combine it with your interior design.

Find a place for everything

or storage Efficiency should be a priority when it comes to planning and organizing a kitchen – after all, no one wants a cluttered space.

With this room under increasing pressure to perform a variety of crucial functions like family dining, relaxing, working and entertaining, good layout and proper storage are more important than ever.

According to the principles of Feng Shui, everything should have its place. Also, kitchen cabinets should be installed up to the ceiling to discourage the bad chi from getting trapped.

Choose cabinet doors with glass front

To add french doors to cabinets is an idea that will not only encourage you to keep your kitchen tidy, but will also improve the positive chi in your home. And you can also invest in a different design for the element, such as decorative fluted glass that stands out in the environment.

Lit from within, this model reflects and refracts again, adding luster and an extra mood at night.

Ensure adequate lighting

In addition to its main function, the lighting it can have a transformative effect, from increasing space to highlighting key pieces. Kitchens often need to include task, ambient and eye-catching lighting.

Activity lighting is the most practical and covers heavy-duty areas such as prep space, cooking area and sink; ambient lighting creates different atmospheres; and eye-catching lighting can just introduce some personality.

It is also worth thinking about how much natural light your room is receiving.

Keep everything clean and clutter-free

Cleansing is a transformative tool for increasing positive chi and something widely taught in Feng Shui principles.

Another important task is cleaning the stove, which represents your career and wealth. Doing this every day will prevent negative energy from building up in your space.

Place the stove in the control position

Since the stove represents your career and wealth, your position should receive special attention. According to the philosophy, you should be able to see the door as you cook on the stove, but not be aligned with it.

This allows you to be in control of your career and see all the opportunities, people and energies that may arise.

If you can’t change the position of your stove, you can add a mirror where you can see the door behind you. Alternatively, a mirrored backsplash will work as well.

Attract prosperity with wood

In Feng Shui, wood attracts prosperity and is known to strengthen family bonds and keep you and the people residing in your home grounded.

Within interior design, wooden kitchen cabinet ideas are nothing new – they have been a popular choice for years due to their timeless appeal, not to mention that it’s a durable material.

Grow your own vegetable garden

Growing herbs indoors is a proven way to impart positive chi that will keep your environment healthy and vibrant. In addition, herbs have the power to transform your meals, giving more flavor to dishes and offering therapeutic properties.

Keep the sink and stove separate

While it may seem practical, placing the kitchen sink (water element) and stove (fire element) facing each other causes conflicts in personal relationships. Prevent the buildup of negative energy by placing an island between the sink and the stove.

In a small kitchen, place an earth element between the water and fire elements to alleviate the problem. A green or brown kitchen rug will work wonders in this case.

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